Marvel and Kirby in the Courts
When we think of Marvel's illustrious line of superheroes, we often think of the battles they wage with every issue against the likes of Venom, Doctor Doom, Red Skull, and the Green Goblin, but we're seeing some news that a new war has been waged, and this time it's in the courtroom. The descendants of legendary comic sage Jack Kirby have thrown a punch in the way of Marvel Comics and Disney ...

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They should since they need the money.
Don't insult the precious, my precious!:book:
badlands, I had forgotten about this story. I think I agree with the judge on how disturbing it is that Marvel Comics denied having any Jack Kirby artwork when he accused them of holding some back and then producing said artwork later on when it suits their purpose in claiming ownership over his creations. I should try to look into the matter to see if there is more recent news but don't have time right now.

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