Somehow I'm not seeing avatars w/ the new upgrade...although when I go to "edit" and select "avatar" mine is still there....
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I must not have something turned on. I'll have to take a look this evening. I copied all the image files from the old forums over to the new forum so the avatars should be there. It's possible, however, that some of the data was not ported over.
It appears that the Avatars now have their own subsidiary system. It will take a while to figure out how to migrate the old avatars into that system, as it reports no avatars at all.
It appears there were two problems. First, the original attempt to copy the avatars from the old forums failed. Second, a few people (including august) have custom avatars and each of those people's profiles must be individually set to "Keep Custom Avatar".

We have been reluctant to allow users to upload their own avatars because of potential abuse. That policy will be left in place for the foreseeable future.

If anyone is having an issue with their avatar, please leave a message here.
So the thousand plus "regular" avatars no longer exist?

Not related to avatars, but it would seem that the new system isn't picking up the commands for emoticons, so for example if I type :laugh: you just see the letters but not the face.

Also, the auto-bot "news" account posts seem to be turning up in some of the wrong forums, a number of them in "Star Wars," I notice.
August  - Jack's Pack Fan # 1, Keeper of the List, 3-Time Speaker of the JoAT Fan Quote of the Week, and the only person ever to have Back 2 Back Jack and Cleo fan quotes !
No, the avatars exist. They just didn't copy into the new directory the first time I tried to bring them over (or I copied them into the wrong directory). They should all now be available.

I'm not sure what's up with the emoticons/smilies, as I have turned them on in any screen that mentions them that I can find.

And thanks for pointing out the problem with the news account. I'll look into it.
Smilies should now be working.
I had a custom avatar back from my days on the mod staff. Would love to keep it (like August's, it still shows up in my profile, but not on my posts)
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Done. I wish I knew a way to turn this on for everyone who has a custom avatar but I think people will just have to come out of the woodwork to ask me to turn it back on. Sorry.

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