U.S. Seeker fans celebrate Thanksgiving with letters to Craig Horner
LOTS.org forum user Deacon posted the following message over there.

[indent]Thank you letters to craig horner
Thank you, Craig.

Do you consider yourself to be a fan of Craig Horner/Richard Cypher?
Would you like to say "thank you" to Craig for all that he has contributed to "Legend of the Seeker"?

I and some fellow "Seeker" fans from another website have decided that now (Thanksgiving) would be a nice time to let Craig know how much we appreciate his work for LoTS, and to let him know that we are thinking about him, and that we are still working tirelessly to see more seasons of "Seeker".

So, we are going to send him letters and cards to offer him some fan appreciation. We have been informed by his representatives in Los Angeles that we can send fan mail to him care of his manager in Australia. He still works through that agency as well. The address is:

Craig Horner c/o Marquee
The Gate House - Studio B
188 Oxford Street
Paddington NSW 2021

Please note: American postage to send a card or letter to Australia is $0.98. You can use a combo of stamps that equal that amount, or buy some $0.98 stamps.

Please note: Once in awhile some fans have heard back from him, but do not expect or demand it of him. If you are hoping for a reply, send a self-addressed stamped envelope to yourself. American postage will not work from Australia, so there are two options:
1. Purchase some I.R.C.s from a U.S. Post Office. These are International Reply Coupons. Include them with your self-addressed envelope.
2. Purchase stamps directly from Australia. You can do so at:

Again, remember how busy he is, and that he is under no obligation to respond to fan mail. Most celebrities do not, simply because they do not have the time to do so. Most do not have their own full time secretary.
Our goal is to show him our appreciation and support. We do not want to be the fans from hell.

Have fun with this. All of our holiday photos with captions, perhaps send him some of these to show him what Seeker fans have been up to.

What about the other cast members?
We love them too, but taking on the entire cast at once would be a bit overwhelming. Let's address them one at a time, kind of the way that we do with our Journey Book when writing to networks. That way Craig, Bridget, Bruce, Tabbrett, Craig P., etc. will receive more mail at one time.

I am so busy right now. How can I take on another Seeker project?
There is no obligation to do this. It's for fun. It's a chance to say "thank you" to one of our "Seeker" cast members. And, it will not take that much time or effort to do so. So, have fun with this, and let's say:

Thank you, Craig Horner[/indent]

See the original discussion here.

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