Calling all Seeker fans - Phase 2 of People's Choice campaign now in action
Laura (sot_fan) asked me to help spread the word to ask Seeker fans to vote for the show in the newly created category "Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy" (which was apparently chosen with influence from the Seeker fanbase asking for "Favorite Fantasy Show Hero".

Here is an excerpt from Laura's post:[indent]
Please take a few minutes to vote for "Legend of the Seeker" at the People's Choice Awards. Getting "Legend of the Seeker" even nominated in this second round would give our show so much visibility, and potentially huge publicity.

The easiest way to vote is as a "guest" (note: you can vote multiple times *wink-wink*).

There are many categories you can vote for your favorite movie, actors, etc., so if you have the patience, go for it. If you only want to focus on "Legend of the Seeker," scroll all the way down to "Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show" in the TV column and then click on "Other," then type "Legend of the Seeker."

"Legend of the Seeker" can also fit in the "Favorite TV Obsession" and "Favorite TV Guilty Pleasure," but Sci-Fi/Fantasy is typically less crowded than other categories, and ALL we have to do is nail one category. No need to boil the ocean so to speak. [/indent]

Read her full article here.

Laura is the genius behind the Save Our Seeker Website.

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