Ladies at the Actors Discussions?
I'd like to see topics on some of the ladies among the actors. I will specifically mention Amanda Tapping. Any chance getting this request put up?
I've got a hand to help you out.SURPRISING STORIES,
Do you mean a forum for Amanda Tapping? We would certainly be glad to set one up if enough people express interest in her career (which admittedly is very robust and active right now).

Being a long-time Stargate fan I was thrilled to see her move into the Sanctuary project but I'm afraid I lost interest during the first season. I can't quite put my finger on it.

But that is not why we don't have a forum for Amanda. It just seems a lot of actors' fans have migrated to Twitter and Facebook these days, so it's hard to justify another forum at this time.
Well, I hope a lot of people here will express interest.
I've got a hand to help you out.SURPRISING STORIES,

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