Season 2(?)
So I know the new season started this week. I can't follow it down here at the underside of the world without using precious amounts of my internet to download it.

So how'd it go? Any reviews to share :wave:
[SIZE=2]Keeper of Cole and The Cullen Men

"Once the Queen's dead the King's useless . . . maybe he's too depressed to fight; he really loved her you know"
The new season borught in some new story elements. The Lucian Alliance -- the faction that destroyed the outpost in the pilot ep -- tracked down the Destiny, and attempted to take it over at the end of last season.

When Colonel Young defeated them, he kept the survivors aboard, instead of kicking them out of the airlock. So, now, we have Lucians aboard.

TJ, who was pregnant at the time, lost her baby -- sort of. It seems the Builders -- the aliens who made the solar system they found last season -- took her child somehow, and for some unknown reason.

While unconcscious -- she was shot in the season finale -- TJ dreamt, or perhaps visited, the world made by the Builders. We saw the Destiny crewmembers who had stayed behind,and they explained, cryptically, that they had survived partly by the charity of the Builders.

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