Hercules star says studio bosses hiding profits
Kevin Sorbo, star of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, is taking his financial dispute with studio executives public.
[indent]He tells BlogTalkRadio, "They are certainly, truly a mafia. They hide the money. They bury the money. They won't share profits. They won't pay actors what they're due on the back end of series.

"If you can actually get a truth machine on them, and hear what they really say, and hear what they really think, they don't even like themselves.

"I had a back-end deal, but they claimed there were no profits. In the circle of actors I know, they talk about it all the time. James Garner sued for his share of the profits from The Rockford Files. Alan Alda sued over 'M*A*S*H."[/indent]

Multiple sources have picked up the story, including:

TV Series Finale

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The Toronto Sun
I believe Paul Norrel & several other NZ actors have sued because of the same reason. the studio saying to "back end" profits.
I can't say for sure,but we may find out more about this when Kevin's new book comes out this fall.
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