Seeker fans mobilizing for People's Choice Awards
Posted by Save Our Seeker's Laura (sot_fan) at the forum:[indent]**People's Choice Awards: golden opportunity**
For the first time People's magazine is letting fans weigh in on the new categories in movies, television and music for the People's Choice Awards 2011.

Right now, they're letting fans vote on "categories", not on people, so it's our chance to have a "fantasy hero" as a new category. After October 18th, they'll let us weigh in on "nominees." This may be a golden opportunity to get 'Legend of the Seeker' and Cast & Crew on mainstream media.
To vote as a guest, go to
To vote as a member, you'll need to register at:

Once you start, these are the screens:

1. Movie Category: choose anything you want

--> 2. Television Category: click on "Others" and enter "Favorite TV Fantasy Hero"

NOTE: you can vote for more than one thing on each page, but that may cancel out, or dilute our votes, so it's better if we ONLY vote for the 'Favorite TV Fantasy Hero' for the TV option. Also, you have to click "Cast Your Votes" on each page or it won't count.

3. Music Category: it would be great if you could choose "Soundtrack" - let's support Joe LoDuca.

At the end you'll get this 'thank you' note:

Be sure to come back on October 18th
to help choose the 2011 People's Choice Awards nominees.

which sounds like we'll be able to weigh in on the nominees as well.

Thank you Shirley for bringing this to my attention!!!

Multiple votes are allowed, so NALU all the way with "People's Choice!!"[/indent]

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