Spoilers are not in f.a.q.
I looked in the f. a . q. but it says nothing about spoilers at all
Billy: I just lost my train of thought. Keep talking Dom.
Dom: I like eggs in the morning and bacon at night. Is that bad?
Billy: No keep going, keep going.
Dom: When I was seven I used to eat ants.
Billy: Wait, I remembered! I just lost it again
I did see your post in the other thread ....I have just checked them and yes you are correct the spoiler portion is not listed..
I will alert Dixie to it..

in the meantime to use spoilers do this

[ spoiler] message goes here [/spoiler ]

only to make them actually work do not leave any gaps as I did before the s in the first tag and after the r in the last tag.

Also bear in mind everytime you post a message in this forum it triggers an e-mail to every admin so please post with consideration.

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