Hey Boomstick - Errol Flynn marathon on TCM Sat. 8/7
Flynn has come up in a number of threads, and I know Boomstick is eager to see some of his work beyind the main couple of swashbucklers. So this Saturday on Turner Classic Movies is your chance!

6:00 AM - Virginia City: Union spy, Rebel spies and outlaw vie for gold.

8:15 AM - San Antonio: A Texas cattleman flirts with a saloon singer and shoots it out with rustlers at the Alamo.

10:15 AM - Uncertain Glory: Hounded by a police inspector, a condemned criminal turns noble in World War II France.

12:00 PM - Objective, Burma!: A paratrooper and his men drop behind enemy lines to knock out a Japanese radar station.

2:30 PM - The Prince and the Pauper: An adventurer saves the day after Tudor Prince Edward and a look-alike trade places.

4:45 PM - The Adventures of Errol Flynn: A portrait of the actor's life features rare footage and revealing interviews. {A really well-done documentary; as I recall, it also addresses those rumors that he was a Nazi spy, that influenced Timothy Dalton's spoof of him in The Rocketeer. If I recall correctly, he basically was a sympathizer with the Spanish Civil War faction that Hitler happened to be backing also, but that was about it.}

6:15 PM - The Adventures of Robin Hood: The Sherwood Forest outlaw saves King Richard, Maid Marian.

8:00 PM - The Sea Hawk: A British privateer raids Spanish ships with his queen's permission in 1585.

10:15 PM - Adventures of Don Juan: The Spanish swordsman joins the royal fencing academy and duels a duke who wants to be dictator.

12:15 AM - Gentleman Jim: San Francisco bank clerk James J. Corbett turns boxer and fights John L. Sullivan.

2:15 AM - Edge of Darkness: A Norwegian fisherman and his bride lead the underground against the Nazis.

4:30 AM - Green Light: A surgeon shoulders a colleague's fatal mistake and endures blame from the victim's daughter.
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Whoa! Thanks for informing me of this. Several of those aren't available on DVD, or have long been out of print and are quite pricey to buy second hand. I hope I'll be able to watch/record them, but fate may conspire against me on this one! Several of these are his lesser known films, and I've never seen them.
Wow, that's pretty awesome!
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
Some good movies in that list. I grew up on Errol Flynn film fare. Fry faying fat five fimes in a frow feal rast!
Oh awesome! I adore Errol Flynn. Thanks August.
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As I feared, I won't be able to catch this marathon! Ah, well. Perhaps another time!

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