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I AM SO MAD (at myself really)

I made the mistake of actually opening my copy of "Lamps on the Brow" by James Cahill. I didn't even open it far - I was trying to read it and opened it far enough (about sixty degrees wide) so that I could see the words that are towards the center spine and a whole section of pages just popped out of the book and fell as separate pages on my lap. :eek: It was almost as if they were never glued in at all. They were of course but barely.


I am wondering if the glue they used has become brittle over the years and has lost its hold on the pages.

And I paid what for me was a good amount for this book.
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Agreed. This was a badly manufactured book.

Almost a "print on demand" or worse.

If this wasn't the only place for one of the Andre Norton stories, I would have send a "do not purchase".

I am considering spending mucho $$ and getting this re-bound.
At least I know not to crack open my copy under any circumstances. Is it possible to just have it reglued with a good lasting glue? To actually rebind it would be mucho $$$, although you may know someone reasonable.
With my handfull of loose pages - and I mean loose as in completely unattached. I don't think it can be repaired.
The spine is so tight that the loose pages do not fit back in the book properly.
Meaning that the space available is much thiner than the pile of loose pages.

Which is probably why they popped out.

I swear I did not open the book beyond say 60 deg. - It was so tight I was afraid to. I could not read the words near the spine so I tried opening it the bare minimum to see the words and poof a lap full of paper.

I have never seen a book like it. I have plenty of like new books - none are anything like this. I even have some very old books (150 years plus) that are not so fragile.

What this also tells me is that the signatures on each of the stories title page is either printed or they were signed before the books were bound. For there is no way this could of held up to nine people opening it far enough to sign it.
"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website - Andre-Norton-Books.com
For most books with signed pages, they are signed as single sheets, and then tipped into the finished books.

If this were a standard binding the "tipped" would have implied that just the one page was glued into the book near the binding.

This book was just stacked and glued. And now the glue is brittle, like some of the ACE paper backs in the 1970's

I first need to find a local binder (I know of one in Mass - but near where I will be July 24), and then find out my options. Most likely better glue.

I did get my Norton pages to pop back into the book. They popped out as a group. It did take two tries to get them in.

Jay - If your copy is the signed edition - then it is also boxed. So be very careful putting it back in the box ( hee hee hee ). I put a white piece of flat ribbing around the page edge of the book (front to back around the middle) and am using that to pull the book out of the box.

I do wonder if we should contact the author/self publisher, let him know the problem and ask what he suggests we do?

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