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I've decided to stick with a regular site layout. I'm used to making things look pretty, I guess I'm a bit spoiled, LOL... I found one that worked well after some struggling to figure things out. And, since my webmistress friend installed Wordpress for me on the subdomain space she provided, I felt I should try to get serious about learning to use that. She also gave me Joomla!, and well, I'm a little intimidated by it, even my webmistress pal doesn't know how to use it! I know that people do build sites with it, though...

Anyway, I'm gradually learning to use Wordpress and I found out that it can be joined up with a website layout. If you visit the link I give in my signature, you can see a demonstration...

I think this will be a lot better than my outmoded HTML pages and the concerns I had about them. Wordpress is a whole different animal, but once you get into it, it isn't THAT bad... I found a nice theme that is excellent for showing off your text... and the images work OK on it too.

Only a few pages exist right now and I have a ton of work to do getting them up and functioning and linking together. But, it'll come eventually! The Coppermine gallery will get plenty of use too, later on.
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I'm impressed by both your dedication and your level of effort. Keep at it! You certainly have our support!
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
The site looks good so far-very impressive! I still have the other site bookmarked,but will bookmark this one so I don't forget about it.
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Thanks All!

Well, now it appears that we have a problem with the login somewhere. My domain pal says she isn't having any trouble accessing her domain (where my Wordpress dot org is situated), but I can't get in for the life of me. Not sure what's going on! Joomla and Coppermine (on the same server) aren't working either. And I can't get in thru Filezilla, I tried that too.


Am strongly considering setting up this same "blog" at Wordpress dot com. Since it isn't fancy, the process shouldn't be overly complicated. Just some stuff I'd have to do over (Deja Vu All Over Again and again...and again.)

<edit> Thursday afternoon and I still can't log in to my subdomain. I discovered something else weird...My free host account at still exists and nothing was removed from it!! :jawdrop: The reason I thought it was gone was that a little while back when I tried that link, it said "Broken" and of course I assumed the worst. The interface is all new and I didn't know to just try opening on the website name, it's just different. Got to playing with it today and discovered that all my old files were there! Why the link didn't work for me, I have no clue! So...then I made up my mind to put my new & improved layout back on there. I can't wait forever to get back into my pal's subdomain and get some work done. And worst case scenario, if need be, I can still go on with the changeover to Wordpress dot com. If you expect to get any real work done, you'd best do it by yourself...

I've changed my sig back to what it was before, it does function now at the old Url.
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