Variety discusses problems with last-minute 3-D film conversions
Very interesting article about how the sudden popularity of 3-D movies is affecting decision-making in Hollywood, where movies shot for 2-D are being converted right before release to cash in on the new wave of interest. Here is an excerpt:

[indent]3D conversion is "visual effects" in the sense that it's done by artists using computers and CG techniques. But visual effects are a well-established business with large, reliable companies that can take on "911s": Industrial Light & Magic, Weta Digital, Sony Imageworks, Double Negative and more.

3D conversion is a new business. The techniques and technologies are in their infancy. There are a few established conversion companies, but none have a lot of capacity.

Some contracts to convert tentpoles are going to companies with little experience and only tests to show. I'm hearing that 911 calls are going out on 3D conversions already announced, but some of the more established companies are already booked.

Compounding those issues, studios continue to tinker with pics during the conversion, which makes the processs tougher and costlier while hurting quality. That seems to have happened to "Clash of the Titans."

We recently saw a 3D test of one of this summer's tentpoles that ended up going out in 2D only. Through 3D glasses, it was unbearably dark -- predictably so, since the test footage hadn't been re-graded to compensate for the light lost in 3D viewing.

I have, however, seen one 3D release that looked as dark: "Clash."[/indent]

Read the full article here.

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