Mike Mahaffey's YouTube audition for Bilbo Baggins
I won't pretend to know the full story behind this. Hawke Robinson gave me a heads up about actor Mike Mahaffey's desire to play Bilbo Baggins in "The Hobbit". Watch this audition video and judge for yourself. Is this our Bilbo? I could easily say "yes".

Mike Mahaffey auditions for Bilbo Baggins From YouTube
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Mike has a Facebook page where you can leave your (hopefully) supporting thoughts.
He's actually quite good ! I think Elijah Wood did something like that...sent in a tape of him dressed the part, etc.
The voice of Gollum's not bad ,either...it makes me wonder if Gollum could ever be played by an actor, as opposed to cg. They could always change the body shape with cgi, so that the actor wouldn't have to starve himself to the point of emaciation...:confused:
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Not bad.

I don't know if Gollum, at this point, can or will ever be played without CGI. Some of the transition sequences in LOTR were done with Andy Serkis in make-up, and then later aided with some CGI before taking the character to full CGI. But the character, especially with any investment from Peter Jackson, is pretty well in-grained at this point. Even the Bakshi and Rankin-Bass productions were faithful to the description provided by Tolkien, which would make it difficult for a live-actor to portray without assistance.
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I can't say much for Mahaffey as Bilbo. But the dude who played Gollum was very close -- in voice and mannerisms -- to what I'd expect. Andy Sirkis left such a personal stamp on the role that whomever gets it this time around will be forever compared to Sirkis.

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