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I recently posted a thread about a song featured in a Stargate SG-1 ad. I was thinking I could see if anyone had uploaded a copy online somewhere, then post a link to it so that people could listen to see if they recognized the song. I'm thinking that's probably against policy, since the ad is probably copyrighted material, and someone uploading it to the net would be violating that. Am I right? Thanks for the help!
We can only legally allow links to sites which have the rights to distribute content over the Internet. If someone uploads a pirated copy of a song, television show, or movie to some site, and we allow people to link to it, under California law I and several other people associated with SF-FANDOM could be brought up on criminal charges resulting (if convicted) in large fines and up to five years' imprisonment.

Several men were actually convicted under that law a little over a year ago. I have not heard that their convictions were overturned. All they did (so far as I am aware) was operate a forum where people swapped links to sites with unauthorized content.

I do not know if other states have enacted similar legislation, but that is the reason for why we have drawn such a hard line against linking to unauthorized content.

It just ain't worth the risk.

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