Surprised there's no thread for this show.

I've seen just the first episode, found it quite confusing because of all the. . . flashes, but it feels like it could be promising.

Anyone watching?
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Sorry, no. I`ve seen the ads for it while I`m watching Lost, and think Oh, that looks intersting, and then promptly forget to look for it. :up:
Not sure I could handle all the confusion either. I don`t know what the frell is going on on Lost most of the time either, and they at least give the Cliffs Notes version the next week. (Although actually this season I don`t need it like I did last year and the year before and the year before. . . ) :bg:
I`m never home on Mondays so if Flashforward is on then I`ll never get to see it until the DVDs come out. If it`s on another night I should make the effort and give it a go.
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I've seen the ads as well, and although I'm intrigued, I just haven't wanted to get into another show just yet. Maybe after "Lost" has completed, and I've viewed all the seasons.
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