Dust Jacket Quiz
I'm off to Boston this weekend for Boskone, a book related convention. (Authors and artists with some anime, movies and filk).

With my typical bad planning, all of my stuff didn't fit into my small overnight bag. With the next size bag, I have more room, and had room to bring several dust jackets for artists to sign. Michael Whelan and Bob Eggleton will be there.

Use your imaginations. There I was sitting on a stool in front of the book cases pulling out books, and looking carefully at the dust jackets, to make sure that the jackets were not already signed. [Gold pen on black pictures
doesn't show very well.] This morning, after thinking in the shower, I ran upstairs to pull down two more jackets (and found two copies of one book).

I have only two Andre Norton books - Eggleton MASKS OF THE OUTCASTS & DARK COMPANION

Am I missing any jackets? i.e. Do I need to drive home after work instead of driving straight to Boston?

Remember, I'm only bringing dust jackets. But if I was having paperbacks signed, there are other titles.

Even if I miss seeing your answers, we haven't had a new posting in a while, and I'm curious about where all of you are in your reading.
Irene, I didn't have anything to add to your question. But, how was Boskone??? Any interesting things in the Dealer's area?
Nothing new in the dealers room. Lots of nice prices.

Lots of nice stuff in the Art Show. If there were any Andre Norton related, they were not for sale..... Or by my definition: "if there is a comma in the price it is "not for sale".
I found a couple of other books illustrated by Bob Eggleton: The Baen collected reprints (the two zero stone books reprinted in one).

I am going to have to update my electronic copies, as the hand written notes in the margins of the paper copy just isn't searchable.

Well off to Lunacon this weekend. I wonder if JoeG will make it this year?
If JoeG was at Lunacon, we didn't spot each other.

I did spend a bunch of Saturday in the Dealer's room. Some new books, a couple of remaindered books, but no Norton stuff. Rosemary Edghill (AKA Eluki bes Shahar) didn't make it. rumor was that one of the no-show-authors had broken an ankle, so someone should check (probably me).

I forgot to pack that Bob Eggleton dust jacekt illustrated book. I'll try again next year.

I got to watch artists in their natural settings (several artist demos), as well as authors, book dealers, costumers and all of us sciffy types.

The hotel thinks that they have renumbered a few rooms, and made the hotel easier to get around, but I still managed to be in the wrong area when I went to get some books signed (heck, even the Info desk guy steered me wrong). The Hotel Eischer is like that.

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