Frazetta's Son Arrested Breaking Into Frazetta Museum
Here's an odd one.

Frank Frazetta, Jr. was arrested Wednesday afternoon while breaking into the family-run museum that features his father's artwork. With the help of two other men, a door to the museum was forced open with a backhoe. Frank Jr. had removed around 90 paintings from the museum when police arrived.

Frank Jr. (aged 52), claims that he had his father's permission to enter the museum "by any means," and that he planned to take the paintings to a safe storage spot.

It seems some family infighting over the paintings began when the wife of Frank Sr., Ellie, died earlier this year. Frank Sr. is still alive, aged 81, but is "suffering from dementia," according to the Pocono Record, where you can read up on the case. They've also got a video of Frank Jr.'s wife explaining his side of the story, but I haven't seen it.

The law may find Frank Jr.'s intentions honorable as details emerge. But it's sad that any fighting should take place over Frazetta's work while he's alive, even if he's unaware of it.
Ack! I should have checked before posting the same story here.
Hey, no problem. I'm kind of surprised that the news hasn't spread faster. The BBC carried the story on their website, but the headline didn't have Frazetta's name, so I didn't make the connection until later.

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