Researchers envision fleets of robots exploring other planets
It'll be great... if they can be launched that is? There appears to be a squabble in NASA about what rockets to use in the future.

Well, I hope if the probes are ready but they continue to bicker about launchers, they'll ship the robots to Europe and just use Ariane to send them up...
"A Iluvatarinya! En na pelecco carinyesse!"
"Oh my God! There's an axe in my head!" :worry:
Michael Wrote:This idea has always appealed to me. It was first suggested decades ago in science fiction (in fact, a very famous movie from the 1960s called "The Time Travelers" suggests that robotic fleets would explore the solar system).

It seems inevitable, really. As robotics improve, it's hard to make an argument to go through all the incredible hassle of sending a human to do exploration work.

The fruits of unmanned expeditions have recently become apparent with the announcement of the discovery of water on the moon a few weeks back. In spite of the fact that having real astronauts is much more "interesting," if you will, it hasn't become any more practical. And with changing economies, will the near future find people wanting to support multi billion dollar manned space operations? While any space program is expensive, it seems like it should be much cheaper to send a super-intelligent & versatile toaster to Mars rather than a human. :bg:

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