Reviews: New Moon
I just went to the midnight screening. And it was AMAZING!!!

The adaptation from the book was good . . . it captured all the vital bits and pieces.

The werewolves were breath-taking. And the SFX concerning werewolves and vampires were awesomely done.

Full points to the leads as well. They were good, all that emotional stuff that was going on was really touching and I could feel it. The rest of the cast were fantastic too and did their characters justice, couple of favourites would be Anna Kendrick (Jessica) and Michael Sheen (Aro).

Some good laughs in there. Which helped lighten the heavy stuff.

Only thing I didn't really feel was the soundtrack and score. I grew attached to what Carter Burwell did in Twilight and New Moon just didn't get there.
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Here's a review which isn't as bias as mine, lol. :bg:

Quote:Given the arguments over whether you're Team Jacob or Team Edward, there was a lot resting on this- especially given the tangible absence of Edward in the book, New Moon.
So did it?

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens with a shot of a full moon and ends with Bella taking a breath - and, in between for the fans of the saga, there's everything they could want. But for those who are probably not 100% bona fide Team Edward/ Team Jacob, there could be a lot of eye rolling and wondering what on earth the continuing obsession is about . . .

Some films are review proof - and the latest in the Twilight franchise is one of those. Regardless of how we critics see it, New Moon will be a box office phenomenon.
Sure, I could spend time telling you how there's a gratuitous excess of abs on slow-mo show here (both with Jacob and Edward) - but that's what the fans want to see (certainly judging by the lusty cat calls and wolf whistles at the NZ premiere); I could reveal there's some horrendously corny teen love lines - such as Edward's "You gave me everything just by breathing" to Bella, but the audience's swoons suggest to me that that's just pandering to the fans - and I could tell you that parts of the film play like music videos as the soundtrack swells over aching teens caught up in their relationship and during the Wolf Pack chasing Victoria the vampire - but again, that's what the diehard fans of the franchise want.

Full Review here (it's quite long)
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"Once the Queen's dead the King's useless . . . maybe he's too depressed to fight; he really loved her you know"
I'm glad you liked it, Luthy. Smile
The reviews I've caught have been "meh." But then it's not like I was expecting "Casablanca."
I'll see "New Moon" eventually, but not til the madness calms a bit. There was no way I was going to end up on the front row again!
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Most of the reviews I have read have medioca, but then the fans say its really good. You just have to talk to the right people.
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New Moon, the Twilight sequel, is an anti-feminist film that reinforces gender sterotypes to a "scary" extent, according to a professor of gender studies.

this was posted by Carmen Siering assistant professor of womens studies at ball state uni. . Bella is not a feminist, she may believe in equality. All feminist i know dont have a good word for any male and are *****es who cannot handle power.

Miss Siering also wrote after Edward left Bella stumbled into the forest and lay down. She is heart broken, devistated the rug has been pulled from under her feet. Anyone who has gone through teenage love or had a broken heart will feel her pain.

I can see why she is only an assistant.
:crazy: If at first you dont succeed, skydiving may not be for you! :crazy:

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