Bullet Proof Monk
Wow this movie was really bad. And it wasn't bad in a good way either which is what I expected and why I went. The laughs were few, far-between and generally forced. Seann William Scott was completely unbelievable as both a martial artist and as a "kid from the streets". Jamie King was a little better but not by much. Chow Yun-Fat was a little better but then he's handled roles of this kind before.

The story is pretty straight-forward: a scroll that can make a heaven or a hell of the world is protected by monks. Of course a bad guy in the form of the cliched Nazi wants the scroll and not for a good reason either. Chow is the monk who is the current "chosen one" who gives up his name and dedicates his life to keeping the scroll from the bad guys. Scott is the lovable pickpocket who learned his martial arts from watching "kung fu" movies. Not good kung fu movies either. King is . . . well she's cute but as with the rest of the "street kids" in the movie far too clean to clear complected and with a far too clean of a mouth to be believable.

There are no memorable lines no "wow that was cool" scenes that weren't in the preview (Chow drop-kicking the clips from the guns is a real let down) and nothing that even remotely drew me into the movie. It mediocre in all the worst ways as if it couldn't decide if it should embrace the cheese or not. Mediocrity occurs when film makers refuse to make decisions and that's exactly what occured here. Nothing stood out as good or bad; just boring.
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Well, I didn't think it was great, but I liked it. The basic premise has been used so many times over I think it's about time a movie based on passing-the-power pokes a little fun at itself as this one did. There were a lot of tongue-in-cheek moments, and clearly they did homage to a lot of previous films.
I don't like this movie..i couldn't believe i wasted my money on this. But i think Scott did ok..a change..coz i he always acted in those boring teen flicks.Everything's wrong in this movie from the kung fu to Chow Yun Fatt...and the ending was corny Rolleyes
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The ending I actually liked because in my head during the movie I was already making the case for Jade (Jamie King) as being "the real" chosen one. I was pleased at the end when they were two parts of the same whole. That part was actually a nice minor twist. As for Chow Yun-Fat I thought he was actually the best thing going for the movie.
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