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All I can add is: this looks freakin' awesome. Werewolves, Volturi, Laurent vs. Werewolves, Edward vs. Volturi, yellow Porsche . . . whoop! :trio:
[SIZE=2]Keeper of Cole and The Cullen Men

"Once the Queen's dead the King's useless . . . maybe he's too depressed to fight; he really loved her you know"
Gosh, that was like... the whole movie in three minutes. This is why I hate trailers. I don't mind so much in this case because I know what happens having read the book; but they just give way too much away nowadays. [/end mini rant]

On the bright side: It looks like a movie! A real movie!

Pattinson just looks sickly though (I guess he is, being all distraught over Bella). But they should have waxed him or something. He's supposed to look like a marble statue, and the hairy chest kind of ruins it for me. Other than that, it looks gorgeous (yay, yellow Porsche).

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