News of the weird: a swine flu cuddly toy?
I couldn't make this up if I tried. It's for sale at the CDC Gift Shop (and who knew the CDC had a gift shop??) Details here.

Quote:What could be more cuddly than a swine flu-shaped stuffed animal?

Wrap your arms around the fuzzy H1N1 plush toy, a pink, 7-inch version of the dreaded microbe, now on sale at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's gift shop in Atlanta
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You'd think a swine flu virus would have a hog's head? :pig:

An outfit called Neat-O-Rama offers a line of plush microbes such as Herpes simplex virus!

Quote:There’s no cure for herpes, so once you get a hold of this little guy, you’ll never be able to let him go. Unlike his biological counterparts, this guy stays around all month long, rather than cycling through active and remission periods. Plus, they won’t leave you with painful, itchy and unsightly blisters.

This also just might be the only way you can give someone herpes while expecting them to ever talk to you again.

Nemmine the plush Lovecraft critters like Cthulhu!

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For I was talking aloud to myself...the old...choose the wisest person present to speak to...
When my son was small I washed his stuffed animals quite often because I was told they are bacteria magnets...but this takes it to another level! :laugh:

Those Cthulhu toys are cute, AE... my favorite of all my son's plush toys( and one which I have kept for some odd reason ) was a plush cockroach hand puppet.
It's strange sometimes what we find attractive ( strange attractors? ) Rolleyes
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