Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince - My review
I saw the movie tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I wrote a review of Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on the SF-Fandom Wordpress blog but I'll add some thoughts here.

First, I thought the scenes at the Burrow were well done. They did not follow the book exactly but you cannot really expect to find every detail from the book in the movie.

I also thought the scene where Dumbledore and Harry visit Voldemort's cave was very well done. It was not exactly like the book but it was very, very close.

The duel between Harry and Draco, as anyone who has read the seventh book knows, is very important and I am glad they gave it lots of attention. There should be no doubt about why Harry is able to command the most powerful of the Deathly Hallows by the end of the story.

I think you also have to give them credit for touching upon virtually every signficant point in the book. Many details were omitted or implied and the only place where the corner cutting really bothered me was at the very end. Why could we not see Dumbledore's funeral? The shot of the phoenix flying off into the sky was okay but even a toned down funeral scene would, in my opinion, have been much better.

So, enough of my thoughts.

What did you think about the movie?
Oh yes -- I also put up some trivia questions about Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince on the SF-Fandom blog at Blogspot.
Going to see it tonight. Can't wait. :party:
I hope you enjoy it. The kids are growing up. It's hard to think of them as kids any more, really. They gave good performances. There is even one scene where I was sure Ginny's hand was trembling. Very nice attention to detail.
I took my youngest to see it last night (he's 14 now). We both liked it but didn't love it. The biggest disappointment was, as you said, then end with them leaving the funeral out AND the big fight scene. That was quite a let down. Overall, the movie was good, just not great.

The standout actors, in my opinion, were Alan Rickman (Snape) and Tom Felton (Draco). They portrayed the conflict going on within each of them very very well. THey've both been pretty one dimensional up to this point so it was wonderful to see them in this movie.
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I was hoping for a treat after the credits but unfortunately they didn't show us anything.
Also stayed to the end of the credits - always do nowadays. Mainly to listen to the music but also just in case...!

I loved it. It was very funny right throughout - loved the love potion scene with moon gazing Ron. The performances were very good and the casting again proved to be one of the series' enduring successes with Jim Broadbent playing a completely perfect Slughorn. Really enjoyed all the teen romance stuff as well. Thought it was very well handled, realistically scripted and very well acted. Was touching and hilarious. I especially enjoyed seeing
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Harry and Ginny's slowly developing attraction and Harry and Hermione confiding in each other about their feelings for Ginny and Ron

As with all film adaptations there were a few issues
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No funeral, obviously. In fact the end sequence after Dubledore's death felt a little anti-climactic, however, I did love the holding up of the wands in unison. No battle between the Order/DA and the death eaters? Seemed a bit of a waste of Draco's time getting the cabinet to work and letting Bellatrix and the others in for them simply to leave again straightaway Why destroy the burrow? Obviously no wedding at the start of the next film as Bill and Fleur are nowhere to be seen. No reaction from Ron to Harry and Ginny. No Harry having to leave Ginny at the end for her own protection

The film also suffers slightly, like the book, in having a general sense of setting up for the big finale.

To be fair, these are small gripes. Overall I thought it was balanced, well crafted, gripping, well acted, funny, scary and sad. Easily one of the best of the Potter films, and actually one of the better films I've seen at the cinema for a while.
CJ~ Wrote:The biggest disappointment . . . the end . . . was the big fight scene.

That's the part I was really disappointed not to see.

Michael Wrote:I was hoping for a treat after the credits but unfortunately they didn't show us anything.

It's a hell of a lot of credits to sit through . . . a little scene would've been good (and rewarding) :wink:
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You know, I agree that Broadbent was a superb Slughorn. I was influenced by the illustrations in the book to want a more portly gentleman in the role but, frankly, when we got to the scene in Hagrid's hut, Broadbent played the part brilliantly and his delivery of the key line in that scene could not -- in my opinion -- be improved upon. He was dripping with guilt and remorse because he knew exactly what he had done and what it had led to.
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