Discredited author James Frey turns to teen SciFi books, sells rights to Michael Bay
Do you remember James Frey? His autobiographical account of drug addiction and other problems moved Oprah Winfrey to help sell over 3 million copies of his book before The Smoking Gun revealed he had fabricated many facts in the book.

Not to be outdone by his own misdeeds, literature's most infamous author has now turned to co-writing four teen SciFi novels, the film rights to which Dreamworks and Michael Bay ("Transformers") have already acquired.

The books, co-written with previously unknown author Jobie Hughes, will be published by HarperCollins.

Now, that takes some marketing skill. At least this time he doesn't have to worry about getting his facts straight, but one wonders if Frey will have any more tricks up his sleeve.
I didn't follow that whole mess too closely, but IIRC he's from St. Joseph Michigan, which is in my area.

I was at Barnes and Noble last week and they had his book out in a high traffic area, among other popular titles. So I'm sure he's still making plenty of money off it. If anything, I'd wager that since he'd already sold tons of books before he was exposed, it probably only helped sales. No such thing as bad publicity and all that.

Anyway, just goes to show that cheaters do, in fact, prosper. :anxious:

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