Movie called "Action Hero"
Do we know anything about that? YouTube has this clip up saying Kevin will be in it. Did I miss something? I'm not getting younger you know LOL...
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Sassi,I've not heard of this movie before. There is a website mentioned in the trailer-ought to be checked out.
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Hermie posted on Twitter that it's another spoof movie Kevin appears in. Guess we'll hear more about it soon then.
"Never look down on anybody unless you're helping him up." Jesse Jackson
Just saw the trailer, interesting.

the guy who plays the lead actor Brian Thompson he was in an ep of Hercules - Siege at Naxos, played Goth

Looks interesting. I did like the bit where it says and.....Sorbo. You can just see Kevin trying not to smirk.

I see it mentions Patrick Warburton too, he is a funny actor.

here is a link to IMDB
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Good news, really fun looking at Kevin saying..."Sorbo" "Bond"...
Thank you darlings! :trio:
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Looks like an interesting and somewhat funny spoof...Kevin's appearance at the Mara said is sounds very Bondish . Wonder what part Kevin has in the movie? Perhaps a cameo? Action Hero Consultant? MMMmmmm :wink:

Thanks for the link Sassi.

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