Tomb Raider Reboot Planned
According to Hollywoold North Report Paramount didn't renew their option on Tomb Raider, and it's been picked up by Warner Brothers.

They claim that producer David Lin has taken on the project:

Quote:Lin will produce the new film through his Lin Pictures banner with co-producer Stephen Gilchrist, reimagining the origins of a younger character, her love interest and the genesis of a main villain.

Too early to say, but I don't like the words "younger" and "origin." Sounds like we're going to have to trudge through yet another origin movie, featuring a twenty-something actress instead of just coming up with a fun script and making a Tomb Raider movie with Rhona Mitra, who was born to play the character. And, in fact, was one of the original Lara Croft models.
I wouldn't mind seeing more movies based on the character. I don't have any preference for lead actresses.

I would prefer to see a franchise that extends beyond two movies, however. Lara Croft is a modern pulp fiction hero and there is a lot of potential in the character.
I think the problem with the first two movies is that they were too big. Not every movie has to have some cosmic, end-of-the-world problem for the hero to resolve.
Hollywood doesn't seem to lack for cosmic, end-of-the-world problems, though. Indiana Jones took the concept to four movies and the last three Mummy movies (starring Brendan Fraser) showed you can keep threatening the world with the same-old, same-old and still make entertaining films.

Maybe the two Angelina films were too big because they addressed really esoteric mysteries.
I almost died of boredom trying to watch the first Angelina movie. It just seemed to be her posing and an OTT soundtrack playing when absolutely nothing was happening on screen to warrant it.
Xev, Xev of B3K, join us in our song!
After all, a thousand years isn't very long!
I enjoyed the first one enough, but I've always thought the approach they took was all wrong.
I think the first movie tried to emphasize the Laura mystique more than plot or subtle characterization. I believe that was a criticism directed at the movie by reviewers -- that it was basically providing too much eye-candy for gamer boys.
I've wondered what would happen if they cast someone that wasn't the obvious buxom babe, but would maybe do a better job with the acting and creating an interesting, believable character.

Probably wouldn't sell real well.

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