What's stopping you?
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Lack of money

( I wanted to run my own tigers, bears, and elephants rehabilitation centre, and also another rehab centre for captured turtles and dolphins)

My cousin and i did some volyntearing work there (national zoo)a couple of years ago.It was fun and i hope i can do it again...i just don't have the time.

As for me..i don't know why i chose law..maybe i was influenced by "Ally Mcbeal" or Dad...i have interest at first (when i was in law school) then when i started working..gosh i was stressed out.I coould not handle the workload and i hated doing paperworks...now i felt like quitting my job and go take up music course or something or just go travelling.

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But I am volunteering at our national zoo! Although it's not a rehab centre :tongue: I still get to work with animals and it's very nearby, around 10 minutes drive from my house, currently I work with the orang utans they're so cute! Maybe I'll get the chance to work with the tigers there someday Smile

I posted the wrong quote there on my last post,suppose to be this quote..hehe :bg:
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I am definitely in awe, I didn't know there were any marine mammal medics here, you are definitely a pleasant surprise Rain Smile And thank you so much for your kind words and encouragement, it really meant a lot to me. We don't have dolphins here but we do have turtle rehab centres (the one I told you about) and mostly leatherbacks, they're massive, awesome creatures aren't they? And the nearest dolphins are in the South Pacific, I hope to be following your footsteps someday Smile

Don't be in awe summer!! Honest!! I just do whatever I want to do...I always have. My family and friends think I have my fingers in too many pies, but that's the way I know I'll never waste my life. It's a psychological thing. I just wanted you to see that your dream can be achieved, it's not impossible. Maybe you'll need to postpone it for a while, but as I said it should be a question of 'when' not 'if'. Sometimes you need to downsize your dream a bit, like for me, I enjoy painting, I don't expect to be the next Monet :tongue:
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Summer/Rain- All you're talk about dolphins and such has made me curious what would one have to do to learn to work these animals as a volunteer?

Hey Nayeli...welcome!!!
Good question - I think what you need to do is first identify an NGO that works with marine mammals and then ask if you could join as an active member. Many NGOs provide training themselves or else they can suggest organisations that can provide it. It's very easy to get into it if you have the will to work hard
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Ebony--there are foundations that provide grants to support women returning to college for second careers. Get ahold of a Foundation Guide and start looking. Check out the internet too. Where there's a will there is a way. You will find it. Keep seeking!

Thanks for the tip Maci, but looking on the Foundation Grant's website, it appears that this in an American only organisation. In fact, the more I look the more it seems that textile design is just not a field very open to a Canadian. :teary: But I will keep looking.
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Thanks for the tip Maci, but looking on the Foundation Grant's website, it appears that this in an American only organisation. In fact, the more I look the more it seems that textile design is just not a field very open to a Canadian. :teary: But I will keep looking.

Ebony--I'm sure that Canada must have something similar--perhaps even in conjunction with Great Britain. And if re-locating for a spell is ever an option, one of the best textile schools in the U.S. is about a mile from my house.

BTW--I followed my dream of being a professional dancer & choreographer for much of my life. And then after many years (I began working professionally as a pre-teen) I stopped enjoying it (it is a very difficult way to earn a living) and followed my next dream of being a full-time mom. Now I am in a job that I never knew existed before I took the position, but which is pretty much my dream job of the moment--I run the education program at a museum.
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When I was young I really didn't know what I'd like to do in life. I was very fond of reading and writing, and I was always very good in art, and always excelled in class. But as far as carreer goes, I had no idea what suits me best. Even after high school graduation I didn't know what to study in college. I took exams for three college courses and passed it all (Biology, Applied Physics, and Fine Arts). I chose Fine Arts (Visual Communication). So I took it, and now I'm creative director where I work. In college I always thought that the violin and guitar majors in the College of Music had it great--the girls would be easily wooed if I serenade them at their dormitories, and I get to hang-out with pretty voice majors ;-)...but it was just a fantasy. I wanted to be a guitar player, or a violinist. But I was too old to learn the fine craft, fingers too stiff.
I'm doing my'n and its really tough, but I wouldn't have it any other way, the Illustration just about pays for a roof over my head and food and hopefully this year it will pay a bit more so I can fund my fine art more. At the moment my fine art is done on a shoe string but I'm the one forcing myself down this route, and although sometimes I hate my principles I know I wouldn't really abandon them.
What's stopping me from each of my considerations of jobs mentioned in the other thread? (options: a, actor, b, astronaut, c, gymnast, d, university lecturer, e, Orlando Bloom's wife, f, archaelogist)

a. Simply put: myself. I don't have the confidence in myself yet to do it, and although for every person who have looked at me and said "you?! you couldn't do it" there have been two who have said I would do a awesome job. However it seems that the knocks push me back further than the encouragement can pick me up. I am also scared that I'll be all wrong. Also right now I don't have the time - I am studying like crazy and trying to find a job. Although I did plan to take up a theatre course in uni I found that the prerequisite first year English course (you can only pick up theatre second year here) clashed with my Anthropology and Latin classes. I will however be attending it next year as a "observer"

b. Don't have the mathematical intelligence it takes, and also found out I have to do excercises in space. Ick.

c. Excercise. Ick. Also terrified of heights, so I sucked at basically everything from the balance beam to the bars.

d. Right now, nothing. We'll see how things go in the next few years.

e. Can't find him. Will try hunting in Cuba St on Monday.

f. Again, nothing, except that I'm not doing a Archaelogy degree. I want to see how I do with my Classics before going off to do a whole new degree (plus I dont want to move to Auckland to do it)

And as for my original childhood dream: I was five when I finally woke up to the harsh reality of the world. I could not be Rapunzel. (in short, my mother gave me a haircut)
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Cal- It sounds to me like you really haven't found that thing you want to do. If you had none of the things you mentioned would matter much.

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