1998 Herc Calender
Hi All

Was talking to a friend just the other day and we were talking about Herc pics that we have and we both mentioned that we had the 1998 Herc Calender.

Well I got an email today and my friend mentioned that the 1998 Herc Calender has exactly the same dates as 2009, so yep you guessed I have it up on my wall.

Just thought it may be of interest to you all, you can use it again how cool is that.
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Julia [SIZE=1]Confusedun: [/SIZE]
Wow, Jewells, great idea...:love:
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I went and checked my Hercules calendar I have and imagine my surprise that it is the same one!! I am using it in my kitchen and love the pictures on it. Thanks, Jewel, that is so cool!!:wave:
Tigercat :paw:
Thats what I call value for money.
Its such a beautiful calendar full of fond memories its nice it can used again

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