BIRTHDAY SCROLLS - Check in Thread for APRIL Birthdays
Quote:After doing Birthday stories for the Hercules forum for the last 10 years now and due to changes in my health and circumstances for all our scroll writers it has been decided its time to change things a little.
Our beloved show has been gone for quite a while now so it is getting harder and harder to come up with fresh new ideas for stories so the Scroll team has had some discussion and have come up with something while not exactly a story we hope you will still enjoy on your birthday.

This is the birthday scroll check in thread for APRIL

Those on the birthday scroll list that wish to receive a special treat please reply to this post otherwise I'm afraid you won't be included.
We need to know you are still around and an active member of the forum, lurkers are included providing you post every now and again or at least respond to your birthday post.
There is a lot of time and energy involved and we do not wish to waste time for those that no longer play here anymore.

It's possible that you've had a 'change' over the year and want to update your nominated escort <wink>, that's fine but please let us know in your reply post. (We think an absolute max of three escorts is fair).

As this is a HTLJ forum please use only characters from the show and or their actor counterparts and as it has been a long time tradition Kull can also be included as an escort.
If you would like to be included on the list please just respond below with your name, birthdate and choice of escort.

[Image: YllwRose.gif]

You have until March 25th to sniff the rose and leave us a note

10th DChan (A) Ares

18th Kevfriend (A) Ro'bert and Hercules

19th Lady Aeolusia (A) Iolaus, Hercules and Ares

Co-Keeper of the Birthday Scrolls
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Be always around Hun[Image: CHUBBY~15.GIF]
[SIZE="2"]KevFriend aka Sanne[/SIZE] :hello:
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I am here Smile
And Ares is still my beloved escort
Thanks Smile
Hugs and love

D-Chan :paw:
I am here!!! Just haven't had much time online lately, big computer move, website issues and all sorts of stuff...RL challenges too... Sorry I didn't get back in before the latter part of March, didn't see the post! Smile
:coffee:Lady Aeolusia

Iolaus' Amazon Forever :jester:

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