Video: Trailer for independent film "Iron Sky"
This is such a neat concept.  An independent film studio is producing a movie where the Nazis flee Germany at the end of World War II and colonize the moon.  The movie posits their return in 2018.

Watch Trailer for independent movie "Iron Sky" from YouTube
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You can find out more about the production at the official site for the movie.

The company behind the film is Energia Productions.  I've never heard of them before but they have apparently released other work to the Internet.
Wicked concept, indeed.
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Nice movie. Fresh and different. My recommendation is to watch this movie.
Unfortunately for me, it hasn't come to my area. I'm hoping to see it on pay-per-view.
Hah! I'm an idiot. The movie hasn't been released in the United States yet. You can see the schedule of world-wide release dates here.
So, just to connect the dots, I did finally get to watch this movie (years later). And I partially review the 2019 sequel in this discussion.

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