Sources for foreign language editions
Does anyone have a good source for finding foreign language editions? I've seen a few Russian editions on eBay, but I'm particularly interested in the Polish editions of Witch World novels.

Also, to Irene: I saw on the old forum a list you posted of the Polish editions. Unfortunately, the special characters in the Polish language didn't come through. Is it possible to get a copy of that from you?

Maciej Zaleski might be able to help you. He is the Webmaster for I think he lives in the UK or Germany now, but he was living in Poland when we first connected years ago.
Last I heard Maciej (Matt) Zaleski was living in Germany. School was in London. Home & family are Poland.

I've got several different languages of Andre Norton books, and the special characters just don't translate using any keyboard that I have. I believe the oddest are Hebrew & Japanese, but I know that Andre is published in Arabic (sorry for the spelling) for her Egyptian story as well as French, Polish, Italian, German and Russian. The only way to get the special characters is to just scan the covers. [No I don't read most of those languages, and if the Japanese & Hebrew didn't have the English titles on the copy right page, I wouldn't have a clue what I had.)

Most of my copies were purchased one-at-a-time, with patience, from ebay.
Thanks for your help. I've found some.

For you completists out there, I found a site that makes finding what was printed in foreign editions easier, although it's still not complete.

Just search for Andre Norton. If you'd like, enter a specific title. When you click on a result, you can see a link for all editions. That will show you all editions, with the language they're published in; then you can click to find out more.

You can also search by specific languages using the Advanced Search.

Forgot to mention that once you've clicked on a title in WorldCat, if you click on the Details tab you can often see the English name of the book. Obviously useful if you don't read Russian, etc.

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