Introducing the official Xenite.Org Harry Potter fan site
You've seen our Harry Potter News and said, "Ok...."

You've seen our Harry Potter Forum and said, "Oh, cute...."

Now prepare to be AMAZED and ASTOUNDED!



It's BETTER (and better designed)!

It's.....XENITE.ORG's Harry Potter fan site!!!!!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bringing you videos, interviews, trailers, cast info, book summaries, and video content channels jam-packed and loaded with Harry Potter content (or stuff that looks like Harry Potter content -- or stuff that is related to stuff that looks like Harry Potter content) ... um, the Xenite.Org HARRY POTTER fan site also includes articles with insights, guesses, parallels, and dramatic interpretations of the books, stories, roots, and possible sources for things in the Harry Potter world.

And that's not all!

Well, okay, that's actually quite a bit....

Actually, that IS all ... for now ... but it's a lot of stuff.

Took a long time to put together, don't you know.

Anyway, it's there and we'll be adding to it and all that.

So drop by, tell your friends, hang around and enjoy the show(s).

Let us know in our Harry Potter forum what you think, okay?

Cool. Great. Knew we could count on you!

Thank you!

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