Introducing our science fiction videos Web site
We've been featuring sci-fi videos on the front pages of five major sites in the Xenite.Org network since November. This week we've created a new section on Xenite.Org that brings all the featured videos together.

The front pages for the various domains will continue to feature new videos each month, but this video gallery will collect all the chosen videos in one place.

The videos are all hosted on YouTube and they were selected for several reasons:
  • Most had just been uploaded within a few weeks of being chosen
  • Most had fewer than 100 views
  • Several were topically related to the Xenite domains featuring them (for example, Tolkien-related videos have been shown on two domains)
  • All are high quality productions (some are professional shorts)

There are a couple of student films in the collection, and an interesting fan tribute to science fiction movies and television. One video was made by an author promoting his next book. Another video features teachers discussing science fiction.

And there is a trailer for an upcoming independent short film called "William Blix".

While I cannot promise consistent quality in choices every month, we will do our best to find new, high quality free videos on YouTube and other services that allow remote embedding to help introduce people to good quality science fiction video on the Web.

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