There doesn't seem to be any threads started about the movie, so thought i would be the first.

I saw this movie today and well I want to go see it again, I absolutely loved it. One of the best movies I have seen in a very long time and for the 2.5 hrs it went for, didn't feel like it, i was glued to the screen the entire time.

Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman played their parts perfectly and the little boy who played Nullah, wow what a great little actor he is, he just light up the screen everytime he was on. The chemistry between Hugh and Nicole just wonderful. One of the best roles I have seen Hugh Jackman in, in a long time. Nicole was wonderful as well, she played the part of an Proper english woman so well and David Wienham (sp) wow he played his character so well, i had seen him in a number of movies before, but this was one of his best.

The movie had everything, Romance, Drama, Action, tears and laughter. The scenery was amazing. A couple of times with the arial shots on the big screen I got a bit dizzy, but who cares i loved it.

The scene at the end at the harbour, those who have seen it will know what I am talking about, my heart was thudding so hard. It was just so dramatic and edge of your seat stuff, well imo anyway.

It was great to see so many aussie actors and they all played their parts wonderfully.

At the end of the movie there were claps from the audience, they loved it.

5/5 from me.
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Wow, really have persuaded me to go see this movie. I thought, from the trailer that I saw, that it was a "chick flick". Even though I'm a chick,
that type of movie is not very appealing to me ( although there are are exceptions.)
...and I love David Wenham in anything. I think I'll try to go today.:cheergirl:
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Wow. So has no one else seen this movie? I loved it. It was trashed by a critic in my local paper, but since I rarely agree with him that just made it more of a must-see.

Jewels, I totally agree. Everyone did a great job. The above-mentioned nasty critic complained about Nicole Kidman, but she was supposed to be stuffy. And she had passion also when appropriate in the circumstances. It was hard to see David Wenham as a bad guy. I only ever saw him as Faramir. But he did it well.

Was Jack Thompson the same Jack Thompson that played Clancy in the movie The Man From Snowy River? Holy cow, he sure looks different!

Another criticism was that you`d think the movie was ending, and then another part would start up. Ummm, well if you`re enjoying what you`re seeing, shouldn`t you be happy to have it continue? I liked that aspect of it. Was like chapters in a book. Dealing with one situation then moving on to the next, and they`re all connected.

Anyway, once again I agree. Romance, Drama, Action, Tears, Laughter. It sadly only made around $55-60 million here in the US. The length hurts it in that it limits the number of times it can be shown in a day, but still I wish it had done better. It deserved to.

dasher? What did you think?
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