Image Comics adapting Frazetta's paintings
Image seems to have started using Frank Frazetta's paintings as a source for material. They've already published Frank Frazetta's Dracula vs The Wolfman #1. Now I see they're releasing Frank Frazetta's Silver Warrior in December 2008, and Frank Frazetta's Moon Maid in January of 2009.

Anyway, it's basically the cheap ploy it sounds like, as far as I'm concerned. The standard covers feature the original painting, with some variant covers by other artists.

Frazetta did work in comic books at some point, so the clever thing to do here would have been to hire artists that could mimic the style he used drawing those. That hasn't been the case, though from the work I've seen on the books.

I wouldn't recommend these. If you're interested in Frazetta's work, there have been several books released that collect some of his best stuff, I'd look into those before spending even a few bucks on a knock-off comic that has little to do with the man or his work.

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