2008 Edmonton International Film Festival to be held Sep 26 - Oct 4
[indent]ON EDIT: Ack! I see these two press release are for the 2007 Festival. I guess I clicked on the wrong links on their site. I'll have to try to update these posts later. Sorry. The right dates are September 26 through October 4.[/indent]

Press release: Source: http://www.edmontonfilmfest.com/pdfs/16....elease.pdf

EIFF Announces New Festival Programmer…

Guy Lavallee to take on feature and documentary film programming duties
for the 21st Edmonton International Film Festival (Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 2007)

The Edmonton International Film Festival Society is pleased to announce the appointment of Guy Lavallee as this year’s Festival Programmer. Guy’s primary role will be to curate feature and documentary films for the upcoming festival!

“Guy brings a thoughtful sensibility to our film festival’s programming palate” says Kerrie Long, Festival Producer. “He has an uncanny ability to find the cinematic gems that audiences are looking for, while balancing the fiscal needs of a non-profit organization such as EIFF. We all look forward to sharing in his creative energy and producing a film festival program that will be diverse, surprising, and entertaining.”

At the tender age of 14, Guy landed his very first job at the historic Odeon Theatre in Winnipeg. “Even at that age, when everyone else was getting a paper route, babysitting, or working a fast food counter, I knew there was only one place I wanted to be – at the movies” says Lavallee. “I’m not what anyone would ever call a ‘film snob’ – hey, I like foreign films, serious epics, and important documentaries as much as the next guy – but I’ve always wanted to experience as much as I can at the movies, in as many genres as I can, with judgment based strictly on merit”.

To date, EIFF has received over 200 film submissions from around the world – 50 of which are a mix of dramatic features and documentaries – a staggering increase over previous festivals. “We’re already well underway with looking at submissions” says Long. “The most refreshing discovery is the number of submitted films that are really solid festival films.”

The final word goes to Guy, who has attended a variety of film festivals over the years.

“It’s because of film festivals that I’ve had the pleasure of discovering unheralded gems like Prey for Rock and Roll, 11:14, Memento, Elephant, and Happiness – and it’s that sense of discovery that I hope to bring to the Edmonton International Film Festival”.

The 21st edition of the Edmonton International Film Festival takes place Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 2007. Festival program guides will be available in September.
Press Release: http://www.edmontonfilmfest.com/pdfs/06....elease.pdf

EIFF Film Submissions Highest in Festival’s History…

A record number of feature films, documentaries and short films submitted to the 21st Edmonton International Film Festival (Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 2007)

The 2007 Edmonton International Film Festival’s Call for Entries closed on Friday, June 15th and organizers are wowed by a 35% increase in the number of entries over 2006. Even more outstanding is that 10% of this year’s total film submissions are works produced by Albertans.

“There’s a lot of publicity around Hollywood films being shot in Alberta. One of our goals at the Edmonton International Film Festival is to celebrate the movies being made by our own indigenous filmmaking community with a programming strand we call ‘Our Own Backyard’” says Kerrie Long, Festival Producer. “There’s an amazing indie filmmaking underground going on in Alberta right now. These people are making movies – mostly through their passion and perseverance. ‘Our Own Backyard’ is a terrific way to showcase Alberta filmmakers within Edmonton’s international film festival setting.”

Films that are confirmed as ‘Official Selections’ to the 2007 Edmonton International FiIm Festival include the following:

Canadian Premiere! ‘Strictly Background’ (84-mins.)
Producer/Director: Jason Connell (Los Angeles)
‘Strictly Background’ is a heartfelt documentary that explores the charm and determination behind some of Hollywood’s hardest working actors – professional ‘extras’. Following ten background actors, the film examines life on and off set as they attempt to make a living as a face in the crowd. ‘Strictly Background’ is the true story of the struggle to stand out. Winner: Best Documentary at the San Fernando Valley International Film Festival.

‘Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Way of the Tosser’ (85-mins.)
Directors: Tim Doiron and April Mullen (Toronto)
Throughout history people have used their body, mind and soul in their never-ending quest for power. Gary Brewer (Tim Doiron) uses his hands. This mocu/documentary follows Gary Brewer, along with girlfriend Holly Brewer (April Mullen) and best friend Trevor Morehouse as Gary quests to reign supreme at the 2006 Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championships.

World Premiere! ‘The Dogwalker’ (75-mins.)
Director: Rosie Dransfeld (Edmonton)
Documentary. A happy gang of dogs heads into the woods. Leading the pack is Edmontonian, Michael Borowski – amateur playwright, rambling philosopher and survivor of childhood brain injury.

‘The Dogwalker’ is a moving account of one man’s battle to reconstruct a shattered identity – and a winning meditation on Zen and the Art of Dogwalking. “I’m the alpha,” he says, untangling the leashes. Meet The Dogwalker. Take a walk with the master.

The 21st edition of the Edmonton International Film Festival takes place Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, 2007.

Festival program guides will be available in September.
The official Web site is located at:


If anyone attends, I'd be interested in hearing more about what it's like, what happens, etc., etc.

Here is another little blurb (the first reference I found):
[indent]There's good reason why this one-of-a-kind festival has been attended by such big names as Werner (Grizzly Man) Herzog and John (Hairspray) Waters. It's an amazing nine-day party bursting with international films and guests. This year's special guest is acclaimed Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald of Hard Core Logo fame. He'll be unveiling his latest, Pontypool, which promises unnerving acts of violence, zombies, and all the drama that occurs when the English language gets infected with a virus.

With the Reel Deal Pass, see as many films as you want, when you want, and waltz into all galas and special presentations. It's like being Hollywood royalty, Edmonton-style. The Edmonton International Film Festival runs from September 26 - October 4, 2008
For more information go to: http://www.edmontonfilmfest.com.[/indent]

Source: http://www.newsbureau.ca/Content.aspx?item=1979
McDonald's Hard Core Logo ranks as one of the best Canadian films in the last 15 years or so, IMO. By the look of the names they attract, the Edmonton festival is more of an alternative showcase than Toronto.
I wish I had time to follow all these film festivals through the news. I've been pretty busy for the past week or so and have lost track of several ongoing events.

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