In gathering?
Having just finished re-reading Moon of Three Rings, I had a thought. What if we had an in-gathering someday? We could meet in the vicinity of High Hallack (aka Murfreesboro) and if Ms. Norton were so inclined, she could preside over conversations. In no way am I insinuating anything remotely official, just a gathering of like minded individuals to discuss life, death, and "Norton" inbetween...

What would all of you think of such a thing...

Hopeless dreamer,

Ahhh! A Norton-con? I'd like to, but much depends on when. We are if the process of purchasing a house, and expect to be short of expense money for a while.

But I like the idea.

Paul B.
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She is getting on in years and I'm not sure she would feel up to the effort of visiting even with a local convention. However, I think this is the first time anyone has suggested doing something Andre-oriented in Murfreesboro (although it might have to be closer to Nashville, which is about 30 minutes away by highway).

You might be able to interest some of Andre's collaborators in getting together to celebrate her works and how she has helped their careers. Problem is, you'd have to pick a convenient time for a lot of people. Holidays are not good (particularly Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day).

Still, Nashville is more convenient to get to than many other cities. You might actually be able to bring in a couple hundred people. It's hard to launch a convention with a larger attendance than that.
If we are really going to do this, we might want to piggy back onto an already existing convention.
Gaming convention in Clarksville, TN on March 7-9, 2003.

Does anyone have a lead on a Nashville convention?

[Heck, I don't think that any of us are residents of TN?]
Strange, how seeds planted tend to grow...I had not envisioned anything so grand, but I have a feeling one day we may well see a "NorCon".

Truth be known, I was thinking more along the lines of a small group dinner followed by simple conversation...I did not expect that the dear Lady would feel up to the effort...

Actually, Andre doesn't often leave her house. When I've visited, we did "take out" dinners.

I figured that the easiest way for 2 or 3 or 10 people to meet for dinner would be to make a hotel reservation - and the easiest way would be to allow some convention to find a good hotel.

The problem for most of us folks is having enough lead time to save up enough time/money for driving/flying into Nashville & then 4-5 people filling an auto to drive to Murfreesborough for a 2-3 hour visit with Ms Norton.

If we just want to meet and chat - well there are plenty of conventions that some/many of us go to.
You can always post a message to me & we can do lunch.
I plan on attending
Balticon - May 23-25, Baltimore MD
ReaderCon - July 11-13 Boston MA area
WorldCon - Usually Labor Day Aug28-Sept1 - This year in Toronto CA
AlbaCon - Oct 10-11 Albany NY
Boskone - Boston MA, Feb 14-15, 2004
LunaCon - Rye Brook, NY, March 20-23, 2004

I usually attend conventions in the NY-MA region, but have been know to go to Orlando, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Atlanta for a good cause.

I myself fly into Nashville and then make a overnight reservation at one of the motels in Murfreesborough [Comfort Inn or Holiday Inn are both right off of the highway.] I rent a car for the time I'm in TN.
One of my weekend trips included a hotel near the airport in Nashville and renting a car the next morning for the drive down. This year I'm making a fast trip. My flight gets in around 1:30 p.m. and I leave the next day at 5 p.m.

Murfreesborough is about 25 minutes south of Nashville - at least the way I drive [in terror, in the right lane].
Irene, I would love to do lunch sometime...It is a pity your upcoming stay (in Murfreesboro) is so short (a little over 24 hrs according to your thread) probably wouldn't have any time for me on such a tight trip...

Angela :teary:
Not unless you can get up to Murfreesborough.

Andre goes to bed very early, 8 p.m., and I never show up at the house before 9 a.m.

So if you are going to be in Murfreesborough between those hours, I would be most glad to meet with you AND to provide you with an introduction to Andre Norton herself.

***************** OH Gosh ***************
I forgot to phone Andre and confirm that I'll be there on May 3!!!!

Irene [Who forgot to log in.]
Another alternative a bit closer to you is to go to Galacticon in Chattanooga next year and hang out with Paul Goode, Pauline Griffin [P. M. Griffin, who has written several novels w/Andre Norton], possibly me, and other rabid Norton fans in the region. Dinners and Norton conversation abound, and the concom usually has pretty good music guests too.

I forget the exact details but there is Mythcon in Nashville this July -- International Mythopoeic Society con. Full of Norton fen. Quasi-scholarly.

Xanadu, an annual Nashville con is being revived. Don't hold your breath, though.

The other con's, in TN, mentioned other than Galacticon aren't as good bets as might be expected. (Do you want to meet at a con that's mostly people at gaming tables?) Galacticon, however, is a good bet. It's only about 2 hours drive from M'boro and already about as close to a "Norton con" as you're likely to find. is more or less THE Southern Con listing.
Actually thisis not so difficult. Me and two friends just road-tripped to Atlanta, stopped briefly in Nashville(wish i could have visited her). We managed to stay in a pretty nice hotel for 53.00 per night(for three people) and just drove around for three days and none of us makes descent money. These things are not so difficult once one decides to do them. Also she might be cheered by a brief visit with several people who think she's great.
I may regret doing this, but for those of you who travel and like good deals on hotels, my one experience with was a good one. I had to hunt for a truly inexpensive room rate when I went to Fort Lauderdale a few weeks ago, but I found a great price in the area I needed to be that was just over half the rate of the competing hotels in the same area.

If anyone wants to organize a get-together, even a mini-con or small convention, you need to set up a contract with a hotel six months to a year in advance (two years in larger cities). You negatiate a room rate that they can live with and which will cover a block of rooms large enough to get you free function space (or at least a discount on the function space).

Organzing gatherings through the Internet is a bit haphazard. You want a lot of publicity and you want to pick a time and location which are convenient for many people.

There is a Web site, called (I think), where people try to organize gatherings for all sorts of purposes. I'm still waiting for enough people in Houston to sign up for a Xena gathering after half a year.

Take that for what it's worth. You can, in fact, put together a small informal meeting of people without having to reserve a hotel (or even have people stay overnight). Writers groups do it on a monthly basis. I don't see why a readers group couldn't be started somewhere.

In fact, Luindil, who occasionally posts in the Tolkien and Inklings forum, is a librarian in Denver who set up a weekly readers group for kids to go through The Lord of the Rings. A local newspaper took and interest in the project and did an article on it. Luindil used to post progress reports in our forums before the server crash of '03 (we've had enough of them I suppose we can start naming them for years).
I know I don't post here but to add to this if you guys are talking about a small thing (and I'd keep it small). You can make it work. Instead of focusing on how hard it is just pick a date and get on to planning.

[Duplicate posting deleted by Irene . . . ]
If we just want to meet with ourselves and maybe some of Andre's co-authors, then Galacticon in Chattanooga or Mythcon in Nashville are probably the best way to go.

These are both existing conventions, with hotel, events and - if we give them warning that we are coming - I bet that we can get them to have an Andre Norton track.

Depending on time, schedule and Ms Norton's health, we could try to arrange a road trip to High Hallack.

Jerrie, Paul G. can you find out the date for Galacticon (March or April)2004? When it appears, we will also need the web site or email links.

Irv can you get a web link for Mythcon in Nashville (July 2003), and the exact dates?

My only problem is that both of these will turn up being the same weekends as I already have committments.
The new Galacticon Web site is now located at:

The convention will be held next March 19-21.

It is, I think, a four-hour drive from Chattanooga to Murfreesboro (or was that 2-1/2?).
Quote:Originally posted by Michael
The new Galacticon Web site is now located at:

The convention will be held next March 19-21.

It is, I think, a four-hour drive from Chattanooga to Murfreesboro (or was that 2-1/2?).

More like 2. Remember I used to live, actually in BOTH Chattanooga and Nashville. The Koch Family Capital (sorta) is in Nashville. M'boro is 2 hours up (and down, over a BIiiiig mountain) from the Galacticon motel (actually in East Ridge, TN). It's another 1/2 hour to Nashville.

Mythcon is July 25-28, 2003, same days plus one as LibertyCon, which IIRC uses the same motel as Galacticon. Mythies will be on the Vanderbuilt Campus unless they changed it. (I was orginally going to be Treasurer but got clobbered by lots of stuff.) Their web site is and you'll note the Program Dept guy LIVES in M'boro. That con already knows, big time, about Andre. The problem is "only 4 can visit at a time for up to X hours."

So, close up, you got the Mythies (or even LibertyCon, which is also pretty much pro-Norton) ... or a year out, Galacticon. Oooooorrrrr ... for a dozen or half dozen people, just reserve something at a motel in M'boro. They've got batches and batches. Overflow from Oprylandland plus business meeting/conference rooms and suchlike.

Meow for now,
Jerrie, Galacticon is starting to look pretty good...It would be superb to be able to see all of you; whether or not we may run into one another sooner at some other opportunity. It would be something to look forward to...Hmmm P.M. Griffin, did she collaborate on Redline the Stars? Irene, it is too bad that you already have a prior commitment so far in advance...

Them is the breaks.

Right now I have a conflict for March 2004

Mythcon on July 25-28, 2003 has Sherwood Smith as the guest of honor. Right now it looks like $55 for membership. I'll probably have to determine how much travel money I'll have left for this summer.

Galacticon, is again the same weekend as LunaCon in NY.

Well there will be other conventions. AND we can always chat on-line.

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