Introducing our Super Hero Movies Forum
If you're wondering where the Spiderman forum went, it's still here. We just converted it to be a Superhero Movies Forum.

I, personally, love superhero movies. "The Fantastic Four" did not need Jessica Alba to get my attention. "The Incredible Hulk" is a pretty darned good movie. "Superman Returns"? I love it.

There will be more superhero movies in the coming years. It appears that film technology has finally caught up with the imagination of superhero comic book writers and artists, and I for one am glad. I grew up on those stories and always wanted to see them on the big screen.

I had, in fact, proposed a Marvel Movies Forum to the moderation staff, but after we discussed the idea it became clear to me that there was a greater need. After all, DC Comics does have its own movie franchises and "The Dark Knight" has made it clear that DC movies can pack some punch.

Since I had done such a poor job of promoting the Spiderman forum, I agreed it would make more sense to transform that forum into a Superhero Movies Forum. All the Spiderman discussions are still there, but now we can talk about many, many more movies in a forum dedicated to the subject matter of costumed superheroes.

There are, of course, other comic-inspired movies that don't deal with caped superheroes. We want to keep those discussions (for now) in the General Movies Forum. Maybe somewhere down the road we'll see enough interest to justify another comics-based movies forum.

So hang on to your secret identities, because with all the great movies coming our way in the next few years we expect things to get interesting around here -- well, more interesting than ever.

Just be sure not to step on RobRoy's goat. You wouldn't like RobRoy if you got his goat.

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