Chris Evans: Doing "Fantastic Four" helped with "Push"
Fantastic Four role helped Chris Evans with new sci-fi movie Push

ACTOR Chris Evans, whose character Johnny Storm ignited into the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies, says he tapped into a similar world of the unreal when making supernatural thriller Push.

Evans plays Nick Gant, who has mind-over-matter powers and is on the run from a secret government agency that wants to harness and exploit people who have extraordinary mental abilities.

Asked how his role in the two Fantastic Four movie helped, he said: "It was pretty similar. You've got to tap into a kind of fantastical world that doesn't exist. You have to think, 'How would somebody move something with their mind?' And you've got to take your own take on it.

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Includes a photo of Chris (shirtless) and a photo of co-star Dakota Fanning.

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