Happy Birthday Stripey (29th June)
Cheers, :hello:

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WooHoo, Happy Birthday Stripey. Wishing you the best special day ever. May it be as special as you are and a lot more. :birthday: :balloons: :party:

Great story and wonderful card ladies. Wonderful job! :clap: :clap: :cheergirl:

:birthday: :birthday: Let the trumpets sound ... and the bells ring out ..... ( do we need a drum roll, too?) Smile

Happy Birthday, stripey!!! :hat:
May you enjoy your many Sovs of the day--and the one Real Big Sov of the day! heheheh

Have a Grand Day, my friend! :party:

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Happy Birthday,my dear friend! May your birthday be as special as you are! :party: :birthday: :balloons:
"what the world needs now is love"
:party: :party: :party: :party:

Happy Birthday Stripe

Have a wonderful day you deserve the best my friend.:hug:

and what a great story from your sis, love the message at the bottom, so sweet.

Great card Tracie.
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Julia [SIZE=1]Confusedun: [/SIZE]
Stripey, Have a wonderful, wonderful birthday my sweet friend :blow:

May the day bring you lots of sunshine and smiles :hug: :love: :cheergirl:

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:party: :party: Happy Birthday, Stripey!! May your fondest wishes come true.

:balloons: :hug: Great story and OH MY GOD!!! The pic is wonderful!!!

Enjoy your day and have a few on us....

Love, Tigercat:hug:
Tigercat :paw:
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:balloons: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :balloons: Stripey,have a wonderful day:cheergirl:

to Missferal and Tracie :clap: :clap:
Kevin = ENCHANTING MAN :thud:
Happy Birthday!!!

May it be all you wish for and more!

~Strangers are just friends waiting to happen~
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU , Stripe !!!!!! :birthday: :balloons:

Amazing story and wonderful Card , Ladies !!!!!!! :clap: :clap:
Bruna Smile :lips: Love the Life you Live! :love:
Happy Birthday Stripe, hope you had a great day :balloons:

Happy Happy Birthday sweets!

Such an awesome story and card had to be the tops in special gifts for a special Lady.

Miss ya too!
^Calico^ :paw:
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So sorry Sweetie!!!!
I forget to HAPPY BIRTHDAY at the right time.
All the best dear. Be healthly and succesful
Huggles and Love
Sanne and the boys:love:
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Confusedo: I am SO late but the wishes are none the less heartfelt. Happy Birthday Stripey, I hope you had a great day filled with hugs from the ones who love you.
Good night, sweet prince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.
We miss you.

Hi Stripey,

Sorry I'm so late wishing you Happy Birthday - I was in Italy on the actual day and then my broadband connection was down yesterday......

I hope you had a great day!

Love, Harmony
Happy belated birthday my dear friend. :birthday: :balloons: :party:
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Happy Belated Birthday *mwah*

D-Chan :paw:
Aweee thank you everyone I so enjoyed my card and story it was fabulous
I apologise for not responding sooner I just got caught up in some personal problems.

thanks so much for remembering me ......my dear friends {{{{group hug}}}}

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