10 questions w/ Bruce in the Kansas City Star
Archived copy is here.

Nothing tremendously new, but interesting tidbits:

Quote:.... My favorite movie is “The Sound of Music.” I’ve even seen it in a thousand-seat theater, and it was amazing. It always gets people all choked up.


(on Star Trek or Wars) “Star Trek.” The original … with William Shatner. Everything else blows. The only exception with “Star Wars” is the last battle with Luke and the whole “use the Force” thing, but I can’t get into creatures with rubber faces playing instruments. It just doesn’t work for me.


... Cary Grant is the No. 1 movie star ever. Nobody, I mean, nobody can hold a candle to him. He’s the gold standard of motion picture acting — probably the classiest movie star, the best-kept and the best-dressed. He made a point of becoming Cary Grant … even he was trying to become “Cary Grant.”

ed. to add: OOOPS! These were 10 of the 20 questions in the thread below, that originated at PopMatters.com. D'Oh!
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