The Man From Earth
The Man From Earth.

Wow. That bears repeating. Wow.

It was highly rated on Netflix. A fairly good indicator most times and true this time. This fell in the science fiction section. Anyone who has seen it can attest it crosses several genres. Only the basic premise leads it into this category. Though there is no finer place for it to shine. The actors were all well selected. The main story sub-fused with some nice little one off plots was also excellent. There were some stellar performances, and some nice inside jokes. Billingsley's Shatner imitation, plus the other Trek references, including Billingsley and some of the actors as well.

Essentials: a young-seeming college professor is leaving his post and his colleagues confront him in a good-bye party to find out why. His explanation starts off that he's actually a Cro-Magnon. But that's only the start.

****, **** fine movie, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
Houston . . . we have a problem.

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