question re: I Am Legend (possible spoilers)
Hello to all,

I enjoyed the movie I Am Legend, both in the theater and on dvd...not something I would buy necessarily, but entertaining nonetheless.

However, one thing has been driving me crazy ( I could probably walk there, but...). Why was Will Smith sleeping in the bathtub with his dog? I thought it might be some kind of protection or precaution, but later on the folks who join him are using the beds. If anyone has any insight...or even would be appreciated. :clap:
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Post traumatic stress?
Smith's character bordered on the edge of sanity. He was a bit cracked, feeling such a great responsibility, having witnessed the death of his family (which likely resulted in "survivor's guilt"). Then there's the whole being alone for years thing.

It may have been simply for protection. He wouldn't have set up similar protections for other people, since there wasn't likely to be guests anytime soon. It may have also been a symptom of his mental state.

Likely all that and more.
Houston . . . we have a problem.
yes...that makes sense to me, especially when you include his relationship with the mannequins ( great little scene with Neville talking to the female mannequin . ) :clap:
" It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes." - Douglas Adams

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