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Just to let people know. I'm not the least bit happy with a certain person who may or may not be a long time contributor to this forum. At least not that I am aware of. But all of a sudden we seem to have a new Forum God that is picking and choosing which postings they will allow. It seems to me that if they are going to all of a sudden delete postings that they don't like then they should go thru the records and take out all the postings that are similar or that they object to.

The posting in question was just a simple request for scans of a couple of items to be posted on a site that is for reference purposes only. The cover-art is not even displayed in any usable manor (they are all at such low resolution the only thing you can do is view them) Any entity of the Andre Norton Estate which might object to said website only has to contact me with their objections and control is theirs.

Like I stated this is not the first time such request has been made and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person to make such a request. I Realize that I am not one of the better contributors to this forum, but I do believe that I have proven that I am a honest Andre fan who only wants to get the info right and complete. I started the web-site only because every where else I went to obtain info it was either very incomplete or just wrong.

You should know that I started posting here a few years ago because people seemed to be honest, helpful, and rather nice (and none of the crud that we find everywhere else on the web). But if we are going to have to deal with people that live by the credo - You may discuss anything so long as I agree with it - (don't we get enough of this from are so called leaders, and I mean both sides) Well then I'll will just have to stop coming here.

You should know that I'm really doing my absolute best to not write this in the objectionable manor in which I really want to.

So yea go ahead and delete this one also [flaming edited - RR]
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First, let me begin by saying that I understand your irritation and ire. There has been some confusion in dealing with the post, and I do apologize for the seeming contradictions, and any resultant confusion.

Second, my initial review of your post appeared to violate the SF-FANDOM Posting Policy regarding copyrighted materials, no matter how you intend to use them. This is not a new policy, and while it may err on the side of caution, it has been put in place as much for your safety as for that of the forum and the forum owner.

Third, in regards to copyright materials, it does not matter in what capacity, no matter how innocently, and even without regard to use for personal profit, that you mean to use the materials. They remain protected against copying, use and distribution.

Finally, while requests of this nature may have been made before, it is the standard procedure of this forum to deal with such requests in the same fashion and at all times. Any threads that were not handled in this fashion and closed were a matter of human error, not misapplication of the Posting Policy.

Now, that being said, this does not mean that my actions were correct. Your specific thread has not been deleted. According to standard procedure, it has been removed temporarily while a discussion among the moderator staff ensues.

You are welcome to ask any questions or post any concerns regarding this matter in this forum, and in this specific thread, provided that they do not violate the Posting Policy (such as flaming, flame-baiting, personal attacks, etc.). Alternately, you are welcome to contact me personally to discuss this matter, or, if you feel the need, you may contact the senior administrator Stripe, or the forum owner, Michael via the Contact Us link that can be found on the bottom of every forum page.
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Oh, I forgot to address who I was. I am a long-time contributer, but I'm also an administrator of this forum and have been for . . . well, years. I have specific forums that I moderate, but it's actually part of my duties to review threads and posts that seem questionable or are brought to my attention.

I'm sorry that you and I have to be introduced in this fashion, as you're definately a benefit to the forums. I sincerely hope that this episode doesn't put such a bad taste in your mouth that you feel the need to leave here. It would be a great loss to us.
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.

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