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Okay, okay, my conscience got the better of me....

There are two new items of interest on ebay for Norton collectors. I was going to hoard them and not announce them to the board, and thus have a better chance at winning them. But, then I realized that that would not have been nice, and Irene wants us to be nice here. (Plus, Andre would NOT have been pleased with such selfishness.)

Joe has a collection of letters from Andre to various people on ebay, here:

And another seller has a copy of Ralestone Luck in decent condition, at a decent opening price, here:

I have nothing to do with the lots, just a public service.
Not a bad price for RALESTONE LUCK without Jacket.

<smile> I won't bid against you.
The seller also emailed me scans of the front and back, and other than a small split in the cloth at the head of the spine, and some glue staining at the hinge area on the front (typical for the glue of that period to bleed through) - it is an attractive copy. It is in the beige cloth, and I think my copy is green cloth (if I remember correctly), so it is +/- necessary for my collection. I think that the beige cloth is the earlier state of the binding - if I remember correctly. So, if I can get it, I will try. If someone else really, really needs it - I am still depleted from the Pacific auction, and won't go too high.
Revised; please see below!
It is good to hear you had some success at PBA. I bid on 11 Norton lots and came close on a couple of them. (Trouble was, each contained things I did not need, so it was hard to press the issue.) If you should wish to sell some of the items that are redundant for you, please let me know the venue so I may perhaps have a chance to purchase some of them--or at least to cheer your good fortune!
Steven, thanks for the offer. That was the problem with that auction and the one finished yesterday (I think). They lump too many books into one lot to make it go for their "minimum value lot" rule. There were probably 10 or so variant bindings or foreign editions I would have liked to add to my collection, but I would have had to buy 50-60 other books to get them, and then resell those. Too much work for me. I concentrated on the two lots of reference material, the one with copied material, and the one with secondary sources, and got them. Those will take me years to go through to check for duplication with what I already have. There is a wealth of information in that material. I sometimes think this drive to collect 'everything' is more of a sickness than just the desire to 'complete' a collection. And, it tends to fill up the house very quickly. Maybe that is what library donations are for?
It would be nice if list members could somehow get together on auction lots, to avoid bidding against each other, and "divvy up" what they wanted after winning...but that would probably be very difficult to coordinate. :-(
jmelsna: I agree with you in principle. It would have to be done on an informal basis, and only for the purpose of *jointly* bidding on a lot. Even though the only time I have heard of legal prosecutions is if dealers do it, collusion on bidding in public auctions is illegal. Recently (about 2 years ago), a large group of prominent stamp dealers were found to have colluded on numerous stamp auctions over a many year period, were found guilty, and paid huge fines. I think if 2 people get together with the intent to buy a lot jointly, to split it, especially if they would not actively bid on a lot otherwise, it is safe to do. Sometimes, it is a world that makes no sense nowdays. Things that are totally innocent can be criminal, and things that obviously seem criminal to you and I, are totally legal to do. As my daughter would say - "go figure".

Sorry, I probably should not preach, and no intent to insult was meant, but one can never be too careful nowdays.
<< I think if 2 people get together with the intent to buy a lot jointly, to split it, especially if they would not actively bid on a lot otherwise, it is safe to do. >>

That's all I was suggesting--not a scheme to defraud anyone, but a way that ordinary people could share the expenses and items in an auction.
jmelsna: I realized that. It is just that this is a forum open to all of the world, and I didn't want any outsider seeing that and thinking (erroniously) that we would plot auction collusion. Once again, I realized your honest intent, and apologize if it sounded like an insult. Sometimes getting together and buying a large lot and splitting it up is the only practical thing to do for collectors. Dealers have to be very careful though to avoid appearances of trying to keep auction realizations low.
I wasn't insulted; indeed, I'm interested in some of the wrinkles you point out. While I'm certainly happy to get a bargain when I can, I agree that the seller should make a fair profit, too. In the hypothetical combination, maybe two people bidding "together" could afford to go higher, thus resulting in a higher final price for the seller.
I agree totally. I know that on several of those lots at PBA of Joe's, if I knew that I could have disposed of about 1/2 of each lot to other collectors, there were about 5 other lots I would have bid on, and the realizations WOULD have been higher. I just didn't want to have so many other books to find spots for in an already crowded house for storage, and books that I already had. I know Joe was disappointed with some of those mega-lots and the realizations because of that. That huge collection of his was an opportunity of a lifetime - I doubt another will ever come along with such depth of items, at least during my lifetime.
catsrule1 Wrote:I concentrated on the two lots of reference material, the one with copied material, and the one with secondary sources, and got them. Those will take me years to go through to check for duplication with what I already have. There is a wealth of information in that material.

I am delighted to learn that you have these materials--that they have not become lost in the dark recesses of space!

Whenever I get the chance, I will encourage Joe to stay in touch with the group (hi Joe!) because he has affection for (and did such remarkable service for) Ms. Norton and her work. I will always think of him as a resource for--or at least as the source of--valuable discovery and preservation efforts ... especially now, knowing that the fruits of his labors are still being tended and nourished. I am glad to know that you have set yourself (as others have done, and are doing) to the task. Best wishes and much courage to you!
Steven, thanks. Not only were they a huge amount of work by Joe to accumulate and a wealth of information involved - but, once agin, I doubt that it will ever be dulpicated. I not only wanted it for my collection, but felt strongly that it should be kept together. Once a dealer buys something like that, it is picked clean of the more valuable single items, and the rest is divided into more lots and sold off to various individuals, never to be together again. That would have been a shame. Eventually, it will probably be donated to a library where it will stay together for researchers of Andre's works. I assume Irene's Bibliography had all of that info, but the first thing would be to cross-reference it with her work and see if anything new is there. For me personally, that will have to wait for retirement.
I am really hoping that during my winter break, I can compare my Bibliography listing (hence the addenda) to my current collection listing AND to what I actually have.

Perhaps if I search the house, room by room, and make sure everything is in my collection list, and then compare that to the Addenda?

I already have plans to remove some of my text books and doll house/craft books, and spread out my non-Andre Norton collection.

Of course I also have plans to neaten the upstairs storage areas so that the craft books can go on those shelves. Of course that might also mean cleaning the fabric closet, and suitcases, and ............ Maybe I'll just read over the vacation. All this cleaning has tired me out.
Irene, I too became exhausted just reading the list of "to do's" and imagining doing them. I have a similar list, and will probably opt out for the same solution to my free time.
Irene, my collections were far simpler & fewer than yours, but the massive purge-and-donate-to-the-local-university-sf-collection work took several months last year & could be said to be ongoing. [Of course, that included closing out a bookstore, but still--]

Every bit helps, & each bit done is a great motivator to get more done. Even as little as a shelf a week [will mean you're finished in time to begin all over again Wink] can make a huge difference. For a few brief, shining months there was an actual empty book case in my house. Visitors reeled in shock; it was most amusing.
Hay Guys,

Just to add my two-cents into the conversation. I am very happy to say, that the very large lot of paperbacks from Joe's collection (403 to be exact) will stay together also. It was a very valuable addition to my collection as I attempt to obtain the various different covers (at least the English versions) I will have to win the lottery to work on say - the polish copies (some beautiful cover-art there though).

Of course I had to take over the hallway and build a special bookcase to accommodate them - but at least all my paperbacks (of Andre's) are in one place now instead of in four different rooms. To me the most amazing thing was the condition of Joe's collection (I really must quit referring to them as Joe's). This allowed me to replace about 100 items which I had picked up over the years in various venues, their condition was less than "good" but the covers were ok.

Maybe someday I will have all the different covers (some of the old ACE and Fawcett are very rare indeed) but it is very hard when most people selling books on the internet do not know how to list them correctly. Most just use the first ISBN they find that is associated with the title. So you can't really identify which publication it is. And of course when I give my wish-list to friends and family they to seem to only look at the title. But hay this give me the justification to drag my wife into used book stores as we travel around the country. (payback for all those times spent standing in some clothing or scented candle store for hours) Well now I am rambling.


"Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted"
Andre Norton's website -
That is great news, Jay! For my small part, I was blessed to receive some clippings, pulps, oddments, and the like. Lord willing, I will find time to catalogue these materials and compare them to "maps of the known world(s)" (Irene and CR1 [I am sorry; I do not know your name] have described the process). Certainly it will take much time, but what a pleasant way to pass it! I will let you all know if something unexpected shows up. Guess I need to beef up on Andre Norton data bases....

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