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Since, I forgot to let anyone know I was going to be out of town, I want to thank you all for "playing nice".

I'm just back from The World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga Springs NY.
I didn't find anything special in the book-dealer room, though I was offered a few of the signed manuscript copies of Andre Norton short stories, I couldn't pick up any. You see, I don't have WHAT I ALREADY OWN documented well enough to ensure I don't purchase second copies. David Aronovitz (spelling?) of 'Fine Books' has some interesting Andre Norton items; Christmas cards, letters, contracts and other signed items. I was tempted, but didn't bite.... After all I have signed letters, cards, and (well you understand).

I was on a panel titled "Trash in the Wastebasket" which we used to talk about the collecting of STUFF. I told my story of being in the Andre Norton library on the day that they were selling it off, sitting on the floor for hours, fishing in the large piles UNDER a table, and finally giving up, and having Klon Newel just charging me by the pound. In that pile were more of the manuscripts for short stories, and the single sheet, pencil outline for THE MEXICAN SWORD. I also showed off my book list, with it's listing of the stuff I have like postcards, Paperback covers, dust jackets (some now signed), book marks, chap-books, audio tapes, Sheet music, figurines, jewelry, and the ornament that was on a gift from Andre. I gave everyone who attended a "parting gift" of an Andre Norton signed book-mark. I still have at least 30 left (just not unpacked).

Friday night had a HUGE book signing. All the authors who were there, sat at desks, with name tags. People scurried around the room with books, and gathered signatures. I got some more signatures in TALES OF THE WITCH WORLD 2, and the next day got Boris Vallejo to sign my ELVENBANE, ELVENBLOOD and GRYPHON'S AERIE (spelling optional). This last is very cool, as Boris doesn't go to conventions.

Rumor control for you collectors. Boris Vallejo accepted a form to (perhaps) put his art in the art show at Boskone (Boston, MA) in February 2008. Anne McCaffrey, health permitting, will be co-guest of honor with Todd McCaffrey at AlbaCon (Albany, NY) October 2008. You may search the respective web sites for the exact dates.
Awwww...don't we always play nice?
Correct. This is a mild-mannered, well behaved site. I have only once had to edit a posting for "flames", and since the burner was lowered quickly, we have never had a flame-war.

Thank you all.
I sorted through another bag of books back from the convention last night.
[After I put the Norton books back on the shelves.] World Fantasy is know for getting publisher, and author donations (I personally helped bag each of the 1140 tote bags, and have the paper cuts and broken nails to prove). I had a book by Lois McMaster Bujold, and a paperback by Carol Emeshwiller.

I still haven't sorted through the stuff. But most of that goes to the "kids" at work (all well over 45). The best stuff of the weekend was the Gecko bottle opener, but there was also a globe key chain, and a few mystery plastic vials (I haven't opened these), as well as free pens and post-it notes.

Nothing else "Norton" collector noteworthy.

I didn't see the latest Wildside and other Norton printings, but I was very tired, and didn't have the oomph to look carefully through all of the books that Larry Smith had for sale. (I bought a Mercedes Lackey book from him, so that would have put me in the same area of the alphabet "LMN" - but I didn't SEE any Norton books.)
Sounds like a nice Convention. I have never been to a World Fantasy convention, only once to the World Sci-Fi Convention. Were there any Norton related discussions, or Witch World discussions, even tangentially? Other than Aronovitz, were there any dealers with nice Norton material?
World Fantasy is worth doing. Especially if it is drivable.
Last night I took the third bag of books and stuff out of my car. That implies that I bought 3 books, and have another dozen that I was given as free books. This includes a lafge book of digital Art (don't remember were I got that), and a YA book that I watched the author putting on the free table (and got him to sign).

Last night, while unpacking that last book bag, I found my "Jeff Jones Art" pamphlet, which includes the cover from UNCHARTED STARS (unless my brain is turned off), with Eet, and ??( OK my brain is definitely turned off today.)
One of the attendees brought in these 12 paintings from his large collection.

There were plenty of books by Andre Norton, but I already own them, so I didn't look very carefully. I'll try to warn folks before I go to conventions, so you can send me "want" lists. It will give me something to look for. (I'll get titles/prices/dealer information.)

My future convention schedule includes Boskone (Feb 15-17), LunaCon (Mar 15-16), Readercon (July 17-20) and World Science Fiction in Denver (Aug 6-10).
Irene, you mentioned, "signed manuscript copies of Andre Norton short stories". I assume this was all published material? Do you remember the dealer offering this? What type of prices were they asking for the copies? I assume these were the first rough drafts with corrections by her in hand? Inquiring minds want to know.
These were clean copies. Most of them Photocopies. Signed by Andre Norton.

When they were closing the Andre Norton Library down. The two Book Dealers looking for good stuff, found stacks of neatly typed Short Story Manuscripts. They had Andre Sign them.

Prices run from $25 to $200 depending on who is selling what.
[The $200 price was for the signed letter to publisher.]
The manuscript that tempted me was for "White Violets". But I think I already have a copy of this, so didn't dare purchase.

The two Dealers were John Kuntzig, and David Aronovitz of 'Fine Books'
I have neither their business cards or web sites with me today.

The one "neat" item that John showed me was a typed outline (photocopy) of OUTSIDE. Ms Norton didn't type her outlines. My experience (from Syracuse U Library collection) is that these were hand written on lined, or unlined high acid paper. A typed outline, without mistakes, implies that this was professionally typed. My guess is that this was an outline intended to be sent to publishers by her agent, to find a publisher for the work. This would have been done before the book was completed.
Irene, sounds like some fascinating material all in all. Now, I wish that I had been there. There are so many things in life I would like to do, but the reralities of life/work always seems to limits one's ability to do them. Thanks for the answer.
What I have discovered, in my many years of collection, or at least since 1989, is that you have to keep your eyes and ears open.

I subscribe to Locus magazine. Specifically for its news section. I also read the local papers, and am a member of the two large Book Store chains. I'm always looking for a convention in my area, so that I can drive there. I'm also looking for book stores or other places that might be having an author signing. Even my mother keeps an eye on the newspapers for me. (She was the one who spotted a 2 inch ad in the New York Times that had me zipping to New York City the next day for an Anne McCaffrey signing.)

To get started, I suggest that you purchase the Locus where the convention listings appear every-other month. Look for either a Science Fiction/Fantasy conventions in your area. If you find one, VOLUNTEER! Don't offer to be in charge of anything, just be "on a team". This often gives you reduced rates for attending, free snacks during the weekend, and often a nice T-shirt. If this is really local, you can stay at home and save lots of money.

Most local conventions start on Friday evening, and even if you work weekends, you can probably go to some, if not all, of the evening events. Also, if you did volunteer (and there is always stuff that needs to be done before the convention), you now know the folks who are making the schedule, and also those being the contacts with the author/artist guests.

What I usually do is plan my "big" vacation around World Science Fiction. This moves around enough to allow for some big, and small trips. One friend goes to most of these on the North American continent, as her husband has noticed that the conventions are in Base Ball towns, and he can indulge in his own passion. I don't know why (other than cost) that she didn't go to watch the Yokohama baseball.... Well, I actually do know. As the convention date and location are chosen two years ahead, I have plenty of time to plan Denver, in early August 2008, and Montreal, also early August 2009.

I usually try to go to conventions in my area - to encourage them. But missed the convention last summer in Hartford, as it was mostly comics, and I didn't feel well that weekend. The Media convention in Springfield MA was just last weekend, so I missed that because of the conflict.

As the world is today, most of the dealers who populate the "Book Shop" at these conventions, also have web sites. So, if you just wish to see the books, you only need a computer link.
Irene, good advice. I have subscribed to Locus for over 20 years, and still find each issue useful and interesting reading - mostly to see what is upcoming for reading choices. I learned long ago not to volunteer for anything that puts me in charge of other people. That usually makes for no one appreciating what you are doing, and just listening to complaints all day. The fun goes out of the endeavor then. Good idea about volunteering for the 'grunt' work though, it would certainly give more of the flavor of the convention (along with the perks) to whoever is doing it.

Unfortunately I don't live in an area where there are conventions close by - all are too distant and necessitate big trips that require planning. As a substitute, I do as you suggested, and peruse the internet offers from the dealers. Not as satisfying as actually 'feeling' the book prior to buying, but necessary sometimes. That's the reason I was asking which dealers had what, to see if I could find them on the internet. I could not find a store online for John Kuntzig, I already know of David Aronovitz. Thanks again.

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