In the Shadow of the Moon
I saw this documentary about the Apollo program. The surviving astronauts, in their 70s, speak their minds. This is the first time they seemed like real people to me. They tell what it was like going to the moon. They share their sense of awe. They savored the beauty of the moon's desolation, yet understood it to be a hostile place. Death was always inches away. A couple had deep religious convictions as a result. They all returned with a real appreciation for our fragile earth, a tiny oasis or Garden of Eden floating in the void. Fear was negligible, but Michael Collins was worried whether Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin would be able to fly the Eagle back to the command module after their stay on the moon's surface. These old guys have a sense of humor. The reclusive Armstrong chose not to be in the film.

In the Shadow of the Moon

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Buzz Aldrin punches Bart Sibrel

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