Tribute to the Compuserve IMPs writers group
Compuserve IMPs: Imaginators and Innoveering Specialists is a special tribute site for the online writers group called the Compuserve IMPs.

Formed in the early 1990s, the group has helped launched the career of many part-time and several full-time science fiction and fantasy writers, including Xenite.Org's own Michael Martinez (that would be me).

Most people may not have heard of the IMPs but many people have read IMP stories and IMP books. It's time to reassemble the legions of creativity and bring the IMPire back from the shadows of the past.

Check out this special tribute site and learn more about who the IMPs are and what some of us are doing today.

I had started work on the site last year (2006) but was unable to complete the project. I've finally decided I just need to publish what material I have and hope that I can put up more later.

I don't think people will be disappointed.


P.S. I wrote about the Compuserve IMPs in "I was a Compuserve IMP" on my personal blog last year and that was how it all came together, as John Urbancik had contacted me, asking for help in promoting a new project he was working on. Thanks for the kick in the pants, John!

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