Hypothetical Question...
Hypothetically speaking - lets say you have an opportunity to win $1,000,000 in a contest. To win - you must choose from one of the following five options:

"Punch" option ---- You will be punched in the face, just once, by a big fat man. The punch is guaranteed not to be fatal nor to cause brain damage, but you will likely sustain a nasty injury such as a split lip, black eye or perhaps even a broken nose. After being punched - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Bomb" option ---- Nothing will happen to you. However, you will start the countdown on a huge bomb that is hidden deep inside the center of the Earth. The bomb is large enough that, when detonated, it will cause devastating earth quakes and floods all over the planet. The bomb is completely undetectable and can not be disarmed. However it will not detonate until exactly 5,000 years in the future. As soon as the countdown has started - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Insults" option ---- Twenty people will shout terrible insults and obscenities at you for one full hour. These people will not come into physical contact with you nor harm you, but they will say all sorts of horrible and upsetting things to you. After one full hour of intense verbal abuse - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Magic" option ---- Your personality and ethical convictions will be painlessly altered in some unknown way by a magic spell. The alteration will be instantaneous and will not affect your memory, cause brain damage nor result in any physical harm of any kind. After the alteration - you will be given the $1,000,000!

"Nothing" option ---- None of the above. Nothing happens to you or anyone else, but you will NOT be given any money.

Which option would you choose first? Second? Third? Etc...???
Please list them like so ... (with "1" listed as your first choice, "2" as your next choice, and so on...)

1 - option name
2 - option name
3 - option name
4 - option name
5 - option name

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1. Insults
--Hey, what do I care, right? It's unlikely that they'll come up with anything I haven't heard before, and I can always flip them the bird later as I zoom past them in my new Aston Martin...

2. Punch
--Yeah, it'll probably hurt, but likely no more than the countless hockey pucks, baseballs, tackles, punches, and other general violence my face has occasionally sustained thus far. And a million bucks makes the healing process pretty easy.

3. Nothing
--My wish is granted. I did nothing, and I have received no payment. :bg:

4. Magic
--I don't care to be changed, even if I'm not aware of it in the end. I like the way I am now. I don't think I'd accept the money if this were the only option.

5. Bomb
--I don't want to potentially destroy anything or anyone, even if it is in the far future. If this were the only option I would not take the money.
Agree, I'd go for the insults. They leave no lasting damage. Come on, they can't even force me to pay attention. I could sleep through that hour. How ar they going to stop me?

Given that it's hypothetical, I would rather have the $1 million and worry about the ethical considerations later, rather than have nothing to show for my lack of decision making abilities. :bg:
All your base are belong to us.

It could be that the purpose of my life is only to serve as a warning to others.
Insults--I actually laugh when people insult me, especially when they don't know me. I find it funny.

Punch--Phsycal pain isn't that bad either.

Nothing--I like my life the way it is.

Magic--I wouldn't want to be altered in a random way. I like the way I think now. Who knows how I would think or what I would believe in afterwards.

Bomb--Hurting things isn't good, even if it is 5000 years in the future.
Don't do nothing.

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